Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Is Here - I Hope

Spring is here. The very first wildflowers are in bloom. Course the leaves and branches need to be picked up.
The ground was just opened up from heavy snow here. Needs lots of raking to look better. 

This is the first crocus in my front yard.

Here are two more of the four blocks making up this quilt. The first one was in the previous post.
Now here is a partial setup so you can see just what is happening with these blocks.

One more block to finish this off and then it can be sewn up. There are two inner borders and a large outer border.

The week has been busy and not much time for sewing, Now I can't seem to get this to do what I want   it to do. I'm sure it is me and not this new Editor. If I knew how to use it .

This is where I wanted to go so now will see how it sets up.

Hubby has been working on a project in the living room. Don't know what the outcome of it will be but it is keeping him busy and me running for stuff for him to use. 
We have also had a trip to the hospital to get a catherter changed and today to another Dr for a checkup.. Tomorrow we will go back and see his dentist and try to get  this new set of teeth fixed or replaced with ones that fit better.
Then I also am going swimmig on Mon. Wed. and Fri. mornings and that does take a lot of my time but well worth it. We have a lady come in to stay with him while I go. It gives me some relief from this caregiving job. But he has tried his best to do as much as possible for himself.

I do want to try and get this Jelly Bean Mystery quilt finished soon. Thanks for stopping by. Hope this is readable.              


pajudie said...

Love your blocks - they look great. So glad that spring is here (maybe). Like you, I'm excited to see the flowers coming up - it's like seeing old friends again. Glad to hear your hubby is up and doing things. I'm in the same boat - my hubby has Parkinson's and a bad back, so we spend a lot of time at the doctors and PT. He's been feeling better lately and it's good to see him puttering around doing odd jobs - makes life easier for me, too. Lets me get into my quilting room more often :o)

Anonymous said...
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