Sunday, March 7, 2010

First Block Finished

The very first thing we had to do was make all these Half Squared triangles. Notice all the different colors and prints.

Here's the first block. Each one is different and you have to be very carefull as they each are a big piece to this puzzle.

Now this shows all three blocks to this set. Same block but different borders.
I must say the colors are really bright and I probably wouldn't have put them together myself. But fun to do something different.

I am happy to get a couple days now of no big running around, except I had to go grocery shopping  yesterday. Hubby wants things he hasn't had for way over three months so today I am trying something new. Sea scallops sauted with mushrooms, and red and green peppers. From what I have read some butter will do the trick. Also want to put some baked apples in the oven. We always had roast chicken and baked apples on Sunday. But now Hubby has had all the chicken he wants for awhile.

Back to my sewing although I might get my shoes on and go outside for abit. Looks like Spring is coming but my perennial garden will take a lot of cleaning up, after all the snow is gone.


Mrs Quilty said...

Your blocks are beautiful!! Love the colors. So I'm ready to come to your house for dinner...sounds delicious!!! Num! Love that spring is coming, don't you?? I have to sit on the patio in the sun for awhile before I can go sew....that sun isn't on the patio for too long!! Enjoy!

quiltmom anna said...

The scallops sound delicious Eileen. We don't have them much out here as they are expensive. I live in beef country..
Your quilt blocks are coming along nicely.
It is melting here too but I have been buried under a sea of report cards. I finished the writing this afternoon. I will still have to edit them before Friday. I need to update some other reports and then maybe I can actually have a bit of time to do some other things around here. We have been felled by colds again- Bruce and Kevin have had it the worst but I didn't manage to totally escape from it. I guess the weather hasn't been cold enough to chase away the bugs..
Perhaps I will actually get to a quilty project yet. I am looking forward to watching the Oscars this evening.. I wonder who the lucky winners will be..
Enjoy the sunshine- Hope George is feeling well these days.

julieQ said...

Such pretty blocks! I love the dark with the lovely colors, it just seems to work together so well. Hope dear husband enjoyed that meal, it sounds delicious.

Julie S said...

These are a little out of your normal colorways, Eileen. Enjoy!

Candace said...

I hope you and your DH enjoyed your dinner, it sounds very delicious. The blocks are beautiful, unusual colors, but very appealing together. I can't wait to see the finished top.
We enjoyed the past couple of beautiful days here, too. I think that it won't be long, and since we live in Florida, we'll be complaining that it's too warm, lol.

MARCIE said...

Very interesting blocks you are making. Those scallops sound so yummy! Think spring!

Anonymous said...
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