Thursday, November 5, 2009


This past weekend my daughter brought a niece up with her so we had a walk in the woods. I had taken my camera and this is the only picture I took. My neighbors home. He's the contractor that made the ramp for our backdoor so I could wheel hubby out or in in the wheelchair.
Unfortunately I had to call 911 a week ago Sunday as he wasn't able to get out of his chair. He had a terrible urinary trac infection, Spent a week in the hospital and now on Monday was taken back to the nursing home for more rehab. This is why I have not posted for over a week. Just not time or incentive to talk to all of you.
My daughter came on Friday evening, Halloween weekend and brought me the large pumpkin that her class had made. I told her to sit it on the front porch. So If you enlarge this picture you should be able to see it and the layers of leaves in my front yard. Course there are 5 huge oak trees there also and a mountain of them on the other side of the road. This picture was taken from the road This one from our driveway and it shows up better here. Can sure see the shadows of the trees. It must have been early morning with the sun just coming over the mountain.
Now that I have a little more time I have gotten some projects finished. Well I hope to this evening while watching Survivor. Have some hand work. Then the next time I can show you.
Al;so got my material today for the Carrie Nation blocks that I run out of the background. Found it online of course. So can start some piecing again. So stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by. Hubby is doing well. We're hoping he gets home for Thanksgiving.


Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

What luck for me I decided to check on your blog and you just posted 3 hours ago. I love the pictures of the nature around your home. The pumpkin is very attractive sitting there in the sea of leaves. Beautiful. Glad to hear your have got your fabric all lined up now. Enjoy survivor tonight.

Lindah said...

Eileen, I'm so sorry to read that DH is having troubles again, but glad that he is doing well now. It's good that daughter could come for a visit. Love your colorful, leafy pictures. It is just as I remember autumn in the MD/VA area. So beautiful! It looks like you are set up with some nice projects to work on. I'll be looking forward to pics of your progress on them.

Orcsmom said...

I love all of the leaves, although, I am sure I would not be so fond of them if I was the one to rake them up. If I did have to rake them, then I wouldl have to jump in the huge mound, and then start all over again! I hope hubby is doing better, and I glad to hear you are getting some down time for yourself. You deserve it!! Hugs!!


julieQ said...

We too have a mountain of leaves!! Hope your dear husband is home soon, and as well as he can be.