Sunday, November 8, 2009

Butterflies are Flying

See, I have finally finished it. Quilted and bound. The thing I was the most afraid of doing was stitching down those little wool antenna's Kim had sent me the wool, which laid in my post office for over a week with a postage due. Big mistake. But once I got going on them it really didn't take me too long. Now they are not all perfect. Well I doubt if every antenna on a butterfly is perfect. At least it was fun to make. To recap. It's a Buggy barn pattern and I started it at out quilt retreat in Dayton the last of August. So that is one thing I have finished since Hubby has been in the hospital and now the nursing home for rehab.
Talking about new butterflies. Remember me showing you the butterfly with the swans on the wings that someone bought at an auction and gave to the town.? Still don't know who gave it.
Last week when I went to the library here was another new butterfly. This is walking up to the library. Took this to show that on that mountain if you click on the picture you might be able to see the Washington Monument on the top. I live about half way down that mountain. Here;s a closer look. This one has smaller butterflies all over the wings. The other side is all blue. Couldn't get a decent picture of it. That's the road that goes to Keedysville and then Sharpsburg and over the river to Shepardstown, W, Va.
I did find out that Mr. Thompson that owns the Hardware store bought it for the town.

Been fooling around with the leaves this afternoon., It was so nice outside. But that's for another post. Thanks for stopping by.