Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Leaves, Leaves, everywhere.

First I have to show you another project finished. This is the Kansas Troubles quilt I made from the scraps that I won . I really like how it turned out. Don't know where I will hang it but will find someplace. Now for the leaves. On Sunday afternoon I got the blower out and started to blow the leaves off the front yard which is about nine feet wide to the road. Look what I found under all the leaves.
Mushrooms and lots of them. If my Mother had been around she would have started to pull them up and eat them. They look like eatable ones but the locals say not
Here's another batch I came across. Then look at this a flower peeking through the leaves
This is another clump of mushrooms. That's the heat and rains we've had. This clump is close to a small azealea.This is how much I blew off. Uncovered the front porch and that was it. You can see the pumpkin now. I think he is starting to get soft on the bottom but will leave him there as long as he looks good.
Here's a shot of Rusty who came to my rescue with his blower and tracker with the mower. He started by cleaning off the road. It is wide enough for two cars but with the leaves all you could see was one lane of blacktop. They live behind me and if he gets my leaves up then it less to blow over into their yard.

This is the way it looked on the lower driveway after he blew them off the bank.That's all our property you see in this picture. The driveway goes to the garage in the basement. A car won't fit in it though even if it were empty. This is the way the front yard looks now. The huge pile of leaves just beyond the house. I imagine in time he will get them chopped up. Good mulch.

Another project done. Yes, I finished hand quilting the Sunbonnet quilt for Kathy in Kansas City. This is a closeup of the quilting.

This is the best I could do to get a finish picture. No big beds in our house now. It isn't bound, Kathy will do that. It will get in the mail soon back to it's owner. Had a great time doing it. Now on to one of my own. But first I need to get some wide backing material. Don't want muslin. Will show you it when I get it basted. I think I made it at least 3 years ago, maybe longer.
A bit about Hubby. He is doing good. Is hoping to get home before Thanksgiving. We have a conference with the workers next Thurs. But first he needs to see the dentist about the upper plate they are making him.
I am getting a good rest and more sewing time in. Glad to have these little projects done. I have two more small pieces that I am pinning to machine quilt so will keep busy.
Hope all is well in your part of the country. Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

You are so silly taking pics of mushrooms. They were cute though. You just had to take a pic of my husband. He sure did make piles of leaves. It's a shame he wasn't able to finish. Now the rain is coming. More of a mess then. Glad you were happy that he did come over... Hugs!

kclily said...

You amaze me. Looks like you never sit still. Your quilting and piecing are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Kathie said...

so nice to have neighbors that help you.
I love that house quilt, hope you find a great place to hang it, the house block is great!
can't wait to see what else you finish, you really have made a lot of progress lately

julieQ said...

Hee! Your yard looks like my yard...I will divide and conquer this weekend, though!! Love your Sunbonnett Sue, so darling...and I am working on one too!

Shasta said...

Great to have neighbors who help out. You certainly have a lot of leaves. And two beautiful finished projects to share. Congratulations - they both look wonderful.

*karendianne. said...

How cute and fun and what a nice variety of fabrics on your KT quilt. :) And what a nice job you did with your Sunbonnet. Impressive. Also impressive - how nice the drive looked after Rusty to the Rescue!!! :)

MARCIE said...

Hi Dawn, your quilts turned out lovely! And all those leaves! We never had blowers when I lived in MN. Always such a huge task. How nice to have a neighbor with machinery to give you a hand. Quite the driveway also!

MARCIE said...

Hi Eileen, I goofed! Haha! Hope you are well!

Gran said...

Your work is beautiful. You are a master with the scraps from the give away. Very nice. The Sunbonnet Sue quilt is wonderful. I double clicked on the picture that showcased your hand quilting. You did a wonderful job and even enjoyed doing it. I got a kick out of you mentioning that in your blog. I am sure that the person that you quilted it for will be so happy with your fine hand quilting.

It is a treat to see your talent!

The leaf population at your place is knee deep! Rusty sure is a great guy to come and help you out, even if it does save him from having to clean them up when they blow into his yard. What a deal you have. Yhey Rusty!