Friday, November 20, 2009

A Couple Finshed Quilts etc.

This is one of the blocks I've been working on. Have most of them finished and have ordered the border fabric. So this will have to wait.
First off, I want to say that Hubby isn't the best right now. Still have that meeting today, thought it was Thursday, can't read the letter right. This week he has seemed weaker, I think he is so anxious to get home and his body just isn't working so. Now he is scheduled to come home on Tuesday as DD is coming. for the best of the weekend. Has a friend coming up to visit from Florida so we will have some friends around and they are going to cook. I've ordered two ducks for Hubby and he certainly wants to eat some of them. If his teeth will let him. He did get to the dentist last week and the plate is ready and his date with the Oral Surgeon is set for Dec 3. Just hope he is able to make it.

This week I have been doing some sewing both on the Juki in the basement and up here. But these are the swap blocks that we have done for the end of the year in our Thimbleberries group. Aren't they neat? It's from the Simple Comforts book by Kim Diehl I'm going to put sashing and cornerstones and have two fabrics I'm thinking of using a green inner border and then have a new red fabric that I bought while at retreat, for the outer border. More on that later.
This is the first of the little ones that I got machine quilted last week. It's made from charms last year. Why I've waited so long to quilt it is beyond me. Didn't take very long. Not as long as putting on the bindingThis is the second one, It was a Schnibbles pattern Called Big Red, that Kim passed along. Mine should be called Big Blue as there are a lot of blues. This also was made from Thimbleberries charms. I really like this one. Just a nice size to cover up my legs when sitting in my lounge chair.
Which is what I am doing a lot these last couple days. Have not gotten the flue, or the regular flue shot, but just got an plain old fashioned head cold and it makes you feel miserable. That's why I'm up at 5 in the morning blogging. At least it is getting done. Thanks for stopping in and Hope Everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving with friends and family. I'm sure we will. Almost forgot about loading this one. This is a picture of the top that I have basted now and started to hand quilt. The star in this were from the swap Kim and I did for the Hollow. Each month we did a different star block. Was fun but ended with a lot of blocks that I think I have finally found places to use them. Love these alternate Chimney and Cornerstone blocks. Really makes it.
So now I have something to quilt while visiting with family over the holiday. Started it last night while watching Survivor. Love that show.


Anonymous said...

Your projects are beautiful, as usual. Love the blue one.

Sorry to hear that George isn't doing so well, but glad he is getting good care and you are having some me time. Nice that DD is going to be there and you will have other company for the holiday.

Linda Z

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read that Unc Geo isn't so strong this week. Hoping a visit with Ro will help that too! I'm glad you have people coming in for the week and that they do the cooking! Nice!! :)

Love seeing your quilts! I have a head cold too so understand about not sleeping so great. :\

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

What a treat to see your work! So much love and creativity is bursting out of the pictures. Smart thinking about getting a top basted and ready for the visiting you will be doing over the next holiday week.
I am happy to hear you are resting more and now having a cold will require you to stop, put your feet up and quilt. :0)

Sheri said...

Stunning quilts! I enjoy seeing your work. Happy Thanksgiving!

julieQ said...

I am so sorry about the confusion that your husband is experiencing, I think that is so distressing for you probably more than him. Love all your quilts and especially your hand quilting...but the last one you showed!! Wow! My favorite!

Anonymous said...
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Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Thinking of you.