Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th to All

Here's the Lillies I wanted to show you. Yesterday afternoon when I came home from the nursing home I looked at the back and saw the sun shinning on them and 3 were in stages of being open. So grabbed my camera and went out while the light was good. Course not the best backdrop but that's the house.

I also had a message waiting for me on the machine inviting me to Roben's home to watch the fireworks from the park. Now our town is rather small but they sure put on a big town fireworks. The night was cool and sunset gorgeous as always.

This morning I was up at 5 to get to the LQS by 6 or so for a sale. 35% off till 7 am. I wanted to see about some border fabric to this quilt top I can't show. My Daughter didn't like what I had put on as it has a white background and the setting fabric that I had used was off white. Frankly at a distance you can't tell the difference. I came home with 3 pieces of 2 yd ea. Hung them up beside the top to see what they looked like. Both look to yellow beside the top. I want something that goes with the blocks and sashing which is red , white and blue. Very patriotic.

Now the rest of the day I think I'll nap and then get working on the little gifts I'm making for all that attend our small retreat. More about that later.

Do hope everyone has a save and wonderful holiday.


Candace said...

The lillies are lovely, and hopefully your bargains will come in handy on another project if you don't like them for the current one.
I hope that you have a wonderful fourth and that your DH continues to improve.
The quilt in the previous post is beautiful.

quiltmom anna said...

I hope you are having a wonderful 4th of July. The lilies are gorgeous- one of my favorite combinations with lilies are roses. Right now I have roses that came from one of my students- they were a beautiful yellow color with coral edges. They have a little bit of baby's breath with them. It was such a nice thing for the student's family to do- I have enjoyed them so much.
It is always hard to find the perfect fabric- sometimes you don't know what it is until it jumps out at you. Hopefully the pieces you bought will work equally well in something else if it does not work out this project.
I happened on a tent sale myself today and found beautiful batiks for 6 dollars a meter. I was thrilled to find some pieces that were big enough for backings of some large bed quilts. I will probably need some microtex needles to machine quilt them.
I am off to put the label on the quilt.
I want to make a star quilt next - I can't quite decide on the pattern. There are lots to choose from - trying to decide which one is always hard for me.
Keep well, my lady,

Mrs Quilty said...

Those lilies are beautiful! Isn't it great to get in on a bargain with fabric!! Love it! But don't know if I would have made it at that hour! Good for you! Hope you enjoyed those fireworks. I skipped that part of the 4th and sent my hubby with his kids.....I was worn out and it was TOO hot! I'm hoping to get lots of sewing done this week except I'm having cataract surgery on Tuesday so no work on that day! Have a great week!

Nancy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and your husband is doing well.

Quilty Hugs!