Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Prize Winner

This is a picture of Patty's home taken from my yard. Really doesn't to it justus but you can get the idea.She's the one I asked to go to the Quilt show with me on Friday. We both bought a yard of tickets for a chance to win one of the 4 baskets chucked full of quilty things.

Patty called me yesterday afternoon and don't you know she had gotten a call from Nancy that she won basket number 3. She's not going to have to go get it. Well I would have gladly taken her back up but they said one of the girls in the guild works in Boonsboro in a doctor's office and she was going on vacation for a week but will bring it down the next time she comes to work.

Hope to get some pictures of it before she opens it. I'm sure she will share as she isn't a quilter "YET" To many other things in the fire. You should try and read her blog. She has more pictures of quilts from the show than what I got. Maybe I have started a new quilter .

Thanks for visiting.


Anonymous said...

I'll let you know when I receive the basket. That way we can both take pictures. Then we can open it together and go through all of the goodies. I'm on needles and pins...just can't wait!!!

Before I can even think about learning how to quilt, I need to brush up on my sewing skills or should I say a few skills. he! he! he! Thanks Again!

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Very nice adventure with the basket going to your neighbour! What a deal.

Thinking of you.

Mrs Quilty said...

That is so great for a non-quilter to win a basket of goodies...just what's needed to get her started!! It will be fun to see pics of it!