Thursday, July 23, 2009


This is the top of the tree that will be taken down either today or tomorrow. They are coming today and will take a day to take one of the trees down,I couldn't get this t0 move so have to stay here. More pictures to follow tomorrow. But first ---
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIM. In case you didn't know it already today is Kim's of KimsBigAdventure, birthday Go on over and give her greetings.
This is a new flower in the Perennial garden. My friend, Roben , gave me a couple last year from the farm. which I thought we Lili of the Valley,but when these buds started to come up and develop I couldn't quite figure them out. Asking her and describing the leaf. She finally said she thought it was a Hosta. Then sure It dawned on me that is what it looked like but the leaf was so much darker than the ones I have, or the one that the deer like so much that there was no flower this year but they have eaten lots of the leaves.

I have something different to watch today. The crew from the Tree guys are coming to take down two very big old oak trees that are dead. No leaves this year at all and look so naked . So before they fall on the road as one of them would or across the back yard of the neighbors we thought they ought to come down. He said the Gypsy Moth had gotten them.
See, this shows I am a beginner with these posts, or a slow learner.


Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Groan - loosing a tree and two at that is painful. Darn Gypsy Moth.

I am sure that the show will be interesting today and tomorrow.

Our girl is 39 - Hooray - and the cat is still alive.

Got to love her and celebrate having someone so special in our lives.

Hugs to you - got zucchini bread coming out of the oven.

julieQ said...

I will have to go over and give Kim a shout ! Hope you are doing great today!