Friday, April 3, 2009

Look, some more Sunbonnets

I've been getting this quilt ready to hand quilt for a friend and thought some of you didn't know just how we basted for hand quilting. Much like the pinning I secure the backing, this time muslin, to the tables with tape. Then I have used the old fashioned Cotton batting you don't even see in the stories any more. I did unroll it and stretched it out the night before, Then stretched it on the backing and the top then even.. This worked fine as it was just the length of these 8 foot tables I have. Just had to hang over on one side the width of one block. Must tell you about these sunbonnet babies now. This friend approached me because she had heard I hand quilted. These sunbonnets had been made by her grandmother and she has put them on the muslin and buttonhole stitched around them all. Added the pink alternate blocks and border and asked if I would quilt it for her. She didn't know I was partial to Sunbonnet girls. So of course I said yes, after looking at it when she sent it. But I have to finish the quilt I was quilting.
I started about a week ago marking it on the island in the kitchen, Since it was just me , I could leave it and work a little at a time. I don't know if you will be able to see the markings or not. Maybe if you click on the pictures you can. I think that Kathy would like to see what I have planned for the quilting. Crosshatching in the white around the sunbonnets. and a pattern in the squaresAren't these sunbonnets deer? I'm getting anxious now to get started on it.I start basting with a long needle and thread in the middle and work out. Did through the middle of the alternate blocks going one way and though the sunbonnet blocks going the other, Then all around the edge. I take the basting stitches out when I start on a round of the hoop so I don't sew through them. This picture shows how after I got the other part all basted. and I don't baste heavy, The one way I didn't do this time was diagonally but the way I put it in the hoop I really don't need to. I finished up basting that last row this afternoon. I trimmed off that excess batting and it is ready to start quilting. in a couple weeks if I keep quilting as much as I have been.

I didn't start this off to just talk about the sunbonnet quilt but seemed to have done plenty talking about it. But guess I better say that I had my appointment this morning with the Spinal Doctor and I guess it is a common thing with the Sciatica. He said what he wanted to do first was try an injection of a cortisone into the left L5 and S1. So that is scheduled for the 17th. two weeks of this yet. He also wants some X-rays. Didn't like the MRI pictures.

Then a word about hubby, he is coming along nicely but now since our daughter set him straight about wanting to come home to soon because I have to get feeling better, He is settling down and working at getting those legs back . Has been taking some steps with the walker for the last few days. But it will be at least another 2 weeks at least. So thanks for stopping by and hope you learned a little about basting a quilt for hand quilting.


Candace said...

I hope that you and your husband are improving. It seems like life is hard at times, but then it gets better. I love the quilt that you just finished, and the sunbonnets are really nice, too.

Anonymous said...

Eileen, Kathy will truly have a masterpiece when you finish quilting her special family heirloom. She was estatic when you said that you would quilt it for her. I love the pattern that you will quilt in the alternate blocks. Reading you blog about the basting had brought back memories of my Mom and Grandma preparing quilts for the quilting frame.

Sharon (Lootysmom)

Anonymous said...

Eileen, I am so sorry you and your DH have been going through so much. I am praying for your back and your DH's health. I just prayed. I love reading your blog but I'm pretty but I wanted you to know that I do read it and am sending you prayers. I also love your quilts. Hugs, Amie in Tn.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean to say that "I'm pretty" LOL. I meant to say "I'm pretty quiet". Amie