Friday, February 6, 2009

The unvailing of INN BOONS BORO

Finally the front is finished. For about three weeks they had it covered with tarp as they got the porch and steps and sidewalk stones all laid while it was cold. The other day it all came down. Guess it had better as the opening date is getting very close. I'll wait till spring to get pictures of the back patio. They do have some shrubs in.
This is a better view of it from directly across the street. If you click on the picture you probably can see the steps and railings. There are metal railings going down at the doors. I know the inside does not look finished yet but am sure it will be. What a wonderful addition to the center of our little town.
I have been really busy the past week or so. Hubby had to go back into the hospital and then back down to St.Joseph's in Baltimore for a cauterization and another stint was put in. He's doing fine now that he is home but just being gone is a hastle, except for getting a full nights sleep.
I have finished my "Chance of Flurries" well the blocks are all finished, not sewn together yet.

I think this is the way they will be sewn together. Need to think of a border then. Have an idea but haven't had time to sit and play or even sew the blocks together. Now with Hubby home maybe I will.

I'm waiting for my daughter to come for the weekend. I'm going to let her do a bit of the getting for her Dad. We have had some more snow the last few days also and cold. Suppose to be fairly nice this weekend. So hope you also have a good weekend, Until I can think of something else to tell you This is it. Thanks for visiting.


Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Lady you have been busy!!! AND still quilting and sharing. I hope your daughter's visit will give you a well deserved break. I imagine that the two of you will nurture each other too.

Love your pictures and especially the blocks.

Anonymous said...

Glad he is home and thankful dd is coming to help. I wondered if she could.

I'm horribly busy and not sure I'll even get sewing time today... my weekend!

Greetings to all!! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad DD is coming to help you. Hope you get some rest. Love the snowflake quilt. Is it paper-pieced? Take care, CAathy T.