Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the Thirteenth

Bad luck day. Well last night was. The electricity went out a little after five. Thank goodness I had already gotten the soup warmed for supper. The whole day had been terribly windy and lots of trees, lines down all over so being in the woods we weren't surprised. But fortunately we have a large generator that came with the house. What a blessing. It was off until after 2 AM. Since hubby has a lift chair and if we didn't have electricity he couldn't get into or out of his chair. Felt so bad for all the neighbors with no lights but we asked a couple of them to come over for the evening. We have it hooked up so the lights and TV in the living room work. The fridge and water pump and the microwave and by luck the plug on the other side of the wall is where my Internet and TV are so have it here on the porch also . No sewing machine through.
At least we didn't have any trees come down.

So by bedtime I just left the nightlight and TV on in the living room for hubby when the lights came back on and turned the generator off. Went to bed. Woke at 2 for some reason, Not by hubby calling and came out with the flashlight to see the time. Heard a couple trucks on the road and they were turning around. Our electric line runs directly from the sub-station and up along the mountain. About 10 homes on it so it doesn't get high priority to get fixed. But they were looking and it wasn't more than a few minuets and it came on.

Now to the good stuff. Yesterday I also got the border sewed on my Snowflake quilt. Used the leftover pieces and made 4 patches and had enough to go all the way around.

What do you think? I really like it. Just frames those blocks. Now I'm not Kim and will not be quilting this tomorrow. Have to many in front of this .But will make a nice table topper. Someday will finish it.

I had a comment the other day from Donna, no reply, asking about Roben Ryberg, Donna, she happens to be a very good friend of ours and the only places she goes to talk about her books and recipes are the conventions. I know she goes to Houston in the summer and then to Richmond area sometime. But if you would email me privately at : I can write back to you. Yes, I have had Queen Bess since I got married. My sister gave me a starter set and through the years have added to it. Used it for 60 years now.

Well, tomorrow is Valentines Day and do hope your Valentine is very good to you. Come back and visit again.


Lindah said...

Those 4 patches are the perfect border for your snowflakes! Very nice!
I'm so glad you got your power back. How great to have the generator!

antique quilter said...

love these blocks, border looks great!
oh weren't those winds awful.
We had lots of branches come down, but luckily no trees either.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous snowflake quilt. those blocks on the border are perfect.
glad your power is back to allow you to sew again.
was windy here too in MA but luckily we didnt lose power.

Dawn in MA

SueR said...

Yes, I like the four patch border too. Your quilt really looks great! It is windy here today in central Maine, don't know if a front is rolling out or rolling in.