Sunday, January 8, 2012

Orca Bay

 This is the picture that I had in the last post that disappeared.
Posted by PicasaThese blocks aren't arranged that great but hopefully with another week I can get to it again and try to get it put together. I have the first two rows sewn together so just have to finish making the last two rows of Ohio blocks and get all the red strings squared away and then can put it all together. Course there is the outer border.I have a few of the blocks done but have a lot more. Always got to do a few to see what they are going to look like.

This has been so much fun but a great design Bonnie has come up with.

I didn't say Happy New Year to all of you. Thanks for stopping by and hopefully won't be so long again till I have something more to show you. I have been busy and lazy. 


Sonia said...

Happy New Year to you too! The blocks look great. :)

merrily row said...

Happy new Year to you. Your Orca Bay looks wonderful.

I was reading blogs this morning when I came across this reference to your quilt and post:

Wow, you are a celebrity again. Penny is too cute.

sunny said...

Hi Eileen! I just won a pattern from Kim at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure. WHen I sent my address to her,she mentioned you. I live in Hagerstown!