Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Retreat in Kansas City and Otherthings

This is the basement entrance to the home to me and my Fellow online friends from the  Quilters Hollow. This is a Methodist Retreat Center and way out in the woods not far from Lawson , Mo. The upstairs is composed  of 6 bedrooms with sleeping for 5-6 each with thier own bathrooms. Very nice and a large living area and small kitchen.  You can see from the trees that fall was coming.
The dining room was in another building and we took a walk one afternoon  down to the lake.It used  to be the swimming hole but now they have a swimming pool. It was rough walking down for this old lady with a bad back but was fun and we came back by the road. Course that was dusty and rough with gravel.
We had 23 campers and this is the room which was the whole basement and lots of tables and good lighting. Those of us that flew in had sewing machine made available thanks to the local members. I had my choice of a Featherweight. Thanks Barbara. Was much appreciated.
This is Helen who picked me up at the airport and gave me a bed the first night. We spent the day on Wed. shop Hopping.They have some wondeerful shops around Kansas City area.
I spent the few days sewing up this quilt kit that I had bought in Sika, Alaska. It was the first good kit I had bought and  then what did I do? Bought another one,Couldn't resist. It was half price and is the Thimbleberries Garden Club.
When I got home Penny was so glad to see me she doesn;t let me sit without her on my lap. Then the other day.I saw one of her secred hiding places.This is the quilt I am hand quilting and I leave it like this on the chair next to my lounge chair and I put my  laptop on it.
See how it ia blugged out. She crawled into it through the hoop. I thought you could barely see her head. Try clicking on it and see.
Then we had a swap of these 6 inch blocks at the retreat. This is how I laid them out on the board. I have since sewed the  blocks into rows but not the rows together. Neat aren't they.?
Posted by PicasaSince I have been home I havc completed the bindings on 4 kids quilts and sewn up blocks for another one.  . Also cut the strips to have them ready for the next retreat next week. This one will be down where I used to go on West River. with the Annapolis quilt guild.

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merrily row said...

"Methinks your quilt has ears." You must show more photos of Penny.

Glad you had a good time. I am off to a retreat myself at Bass Like put on by Sinta of Pink Pincushion. I will take pictures and send you what it looks like this fall. We already had snow this week.


Sinta Renee said...

It looks like a great place to have a retreat! Beautiful surroundings... and lots of friends!
I see Mary's comment above!hehe...
we are just days away from some of that sewing fun too!