Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall is Coming

When the dogwood start getting brown and red it means that the leaves will also be falling off the Oak trees.

Then the acorns start falling and before long the temperatues will be going down. Doesn't feel like it now as it was in the 70's today but Oh so nice outseide. I just had to go for a walk and then got my camera and started to take some pictures.

This is what the drive looks like. It will get worse. Hopefully we will have some wind to blow them off. Along with ehe leaves.
I don't  have any quilts to show. None are finished but look what is blooming in the garden. My daughter brought these home from a baby shower they were the favors.
 She said to plant them which I did and they have been blooming ever since. At least two month.

Posted by PicasaAfter taking a couple pictures I sat down in my swing and looking up at the skyline this is what I saw. These are the huge old oak trees in the front yard. The sky was so blue and then the clouds but to think in another couple weeks those leaves will be down in my front yard or hopefully with some wind they will blow into the neighbors yard.
Those windows up on the second floor is my sewing porch. It is the first foor of the house. We sit on a hill. I love the woods and never get tired of looking at them.
I'm going to be off to a quilting retreat on Wed. and am so ready for this. Been in the works for several months. I have the kit from Alaska to start sewing up. Will tell more about it when I get home. Will be sure and take some pictures

Thanks for stoppping. How do you like my new blog dressing.? I finally updated it all but didn't get all my sidebar things back. See  you soon.


Nancy said...

our acorns are falling and since we have a metal roof they are crazy loud!! lol

Have a great time at retreat.. I just had a sewing day and it was wonderful...

Darlene's Quilts and Stuff said...

We have two walnut trees in the neighbor's yard out back. They have the biggest leaves that smell like lemon. They won't be finished until end of November. Thank goodness the nuts are finished for now.

Beth said...

I love your new blog dressing. I have been thinking of dressing mine up to, but I keep getting side tracked! maybe you will spur me on. I have been quilting up a storm with more in the queue. I'm also taking an online class for paper clutter with my husband. Isn't THAT a trip! HA! Happy Fall!

Tazzie said...

Gorgeous pictures Eileen, and I'm loving the way your blog is looking.
Happy stitching