Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What I Have done on Mystery

This is the last clue for the mystery. Not all of the complete sets but I have now finished all of them.

Then this is one of my sets. Just like Bonnie said. I have used my constant green bit the lights have been scrapy. I sure can't figure out how these blocks will be set together. Like others have said on Quiltville site, We have yet to use the red constant.  I have not finished my string blocks Here's a sampling of what I have frinished. As of this morning I have a little over 40 made so have about 15 left  make.
These have really been a lot of fun to make. I got out my stack of lights and cut different sizes of strips. So still have quite a stack of strings.

Now a couple weeks ago my daughter asked if I would like to keep her friends kitty. So after asking about how she might do in our house , She said she would be fine. No front claws and almost 8 years old and probably couldn't jump to the windows.

So this is a picture of Missy. She was good company for me and was very good , But not to lovey. I want a kitty that will sit on my lap and purr. Missy would purr and especially when I would eat, she would purr and want her snacks. Unfortunately DD came back this past weekend and took her home. Her owner had to find a new home and did get moved a week ago and it is one that would allow the cat. He wanted her back.

So I think maybe I need to go to the shelter and see if they have an older cat, trained and not one to try to jump in the windows. I have glass on the sills and don't want anything broken.

I finished another quilt but will show it next post. I do hope everyone of you that visits have a very good holiday. I will have most of my grandchildren will be with my daughter and I.
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Jules said...

Glad you've made good progress on your mystery quilt. I don't think I'd have near enough lights! My stash is lacking in light & pinks. Odd since pink is my favorite color.

I wondered why you had the cat for a bit. I'm glad this one didn't bother your windows. :)

Beth said...

Missy looks right at home with you! I do love a tuxedo cat. Our Cat is 18 years old! She still stands up to the dogs tho. Loving your mystery. I cannot start any new projects till Jan 1st (self imposed!), so I'm just printing them out as she posts them.

Ann Marie said...

I only have 4 of clue 3 done, those string blocks are killing me! Cut a ton of strips, now just have to work one block at a time and sew all the pieces back together :D !

Gypsy Quilter said...

If your shelter doesn't have the right kitty, try, www.petfinders.com

And perhaps your local vet's office. Folks move often and can't take their pets along.

I got Dolly through Pet Finders. It took a few weeks, but knew she was the right one when I saw her. Best of luck.