Saturday, October 2, 2010

Plan C Schnibble's

Here is the thing that has taken me so long to complete. It is called Plan C and it is the Mini. Each row is sewn together before sewing it up. So it had to be kept in order. Sure was fun.

Then of course the border. I didn't have quite enough of the orginal charms because I didn't read right. Do you to that also. Just go ahead thinking you are right?
I cut a lot at 2 1/2 in. instead of 2 inches so I didn't have enough. But filled in and I doubt you will notice.

Want everyone to  know that I was doing good. Have graduated to a cane and yesterday she said I could go downstairs, but to be careful. But My Juki is in the basement and also some plants that I want to make sure are being watered. I can also walk outside in the back and check on my perennial bed. Probably full of weeds. I didn't have a chance to even  turn on the soaker hose to water it. But I think what is there now will be OK. Will have a lot of work on it in the spring. Sure hope I am able to do what I want. I know I just have to take it easy.

So the rest  of what I have done are in the next blogs. I think maybe I have learned what I did wrong. Hopefully by the next time I have pictures. Thanks for stopping by.Posted by Picasa


Candace said...

It looks perfect to me. I have the book but haven't done any Schnibble's yet. I have plans to though.

Unknown said...

Love this one! Can't tell at all where you went wrong. Isn't that always the way? I'm the first to point out my own mistakes that no one else would have even noticed.

Sinta Renee said...

YOur Plan C turned out beautiful! I got your email... I'm trying to catch up on that, but I did post a bit about La Petite today:) xxoo