Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Paganini

Yes, this is my first Schnibble quilt for this year. Happy Paganini. Happy is the name of the charms that I used. It is by Me & and My Sister by Moda. I loved all the bright prints, polka dots and strips. Was so glad when I went to my Local Quilt Shop where I had gotten the charms to find they had a good many of the prints so the one I picked was the blue print. If you click on the picture you will probably be able to see all the prints.

More good  news today.  With a visit with the Neurosurgeon. Asking the main question, can I drive. Yep. Oh, boy, finally  after almost 6 weeks having to ask for appointments. Then the next question, How about swimming. There again he said that was good excersise. So I am ready to go next week

My daughter is coming home for the weekend to try and get some rest as her back is hurting. School has been rough so far and she is just doing too much. Coming home  will be good for me.

The next thing for me now is to finish off  the TB Club quilt for this  year. I have the blocks done and am surprised that it is here at the bottom .

This gets several boarders. The first is just a small on of the main print. Then  there is a bigger one with sawtooth all around on both sides so that will take a while to make.
How do you like these very different trees and fences. This is done in the dawn prints so light background like the dawn.Posted by Picasa

More to come. Thanks for stopping by.,


Becky said...

Both of the projects are gorgeous! Enjoy your visit with your daughter!

Julie Fukuda said...

These are so nice! I love the choice of colors. Now I will have to return to see how the houses turn out!

pajudie said...

Love your schnibbles quilt - so bright and cherry. And your TB Club quilt is adorable - love those trees. They're different from any I've seen before - so cute. Looking forward to seeing it after you put on the borders :o) Happy quilting -

pajudie said...

Oops - I meant "cheery" - not cherry. Shows the value of proofreading before posting :o)

julieQ said...

Such a gorgeous schnibble quilt! And I am so glad you can more house arrest!!