Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today is my Hubbies 81 birthday, but he didn't quite make it.
He was a wonderful son, husband, father, grandfather to 6 and from all the notes and condolences I have gotten Teacher. Great friend and very strict; But in later years quite the tease.. All the nurses and aides in the hospital and nursing home got to know him quite well.
In his early years he loved to hunt. I went groundhog hunting with him many times. He was very pleased when he got his first deer with a bow and arrow, In the morning before school. Then came home and got ready for school. Always wore a white shirt and necktie and a suit. Taught Biology and Chemistry, General Science, in one school for 30 years.

I miss him so much. Not the running to the hospital or the nursing home but not being here.

This past week, my oldest granddaughter, the artist, called and asked if I was going to be here . She wanted to stop by on her way home from school. She has stayed for two days and what a joy to have her. A wonderful 21 year old.

I have been sewing a bit. Will get a picture up later of the New Schnibbles pattern I am  making. First one from the new book.

I do plan on making a quilt out of all the cotton plaid shirts that hubby wore in the summer. But that will come a little later.

Thank you for listening and being such a good friend.


Kelly Ann said...

Sounds like Hubby was a very special man...and that makes sense...since you are a very special lady..

Sharon said...

What fond memories so many have of your husband. Seems he made a valuable impression on so many of the lives he touched during his 80 years. Thanks for sharing some of his life with all of us.

I know there is now an empty place in your heart and home but this too will fill in with time. You are such a wonderful person and loved by so many of us. Try not to be sad but rejoice in all the years and memories.

wendyytb said...

Your husband sounds like someone I would love to have known. Please give yourself a very big hug!

lesthook said...

So sorry for your loss. I lost my husband 8 years ago this month. I have lots of good memories as I can tell you do too.

Lindah said...

Wonderful memories! Thank you for sharing some of them. I know the "not being there" is so hard. You're in my thoughts and prayers. How nice that your granddaughter could come for visit.

Looking forward to seeing the projects you've been working on.

Amie said...

What a great person (and SMART too) your husband was. It's so sad that many never find a mate like that. I know you must miss him something terrible :o(
Glad to hear your GD came for a fun visit! Sounds like she loves spending time with Grandma. Can she quilt(yet)? LOL, Amie

quiltmom said...

My dear Eileen,A lovely post of your beloved.
It sounds like Geo had a wonderful life- he was well liked, well respected and well loved by all who knew him. What more could someone wish for-
I am sure you are missing him a lot. It is not an easy road for you just now - my hope is that you find yourself surrounded by loved ones to give comfort and share good memories during the difficult times.
I can only send you a big cyber hug and let you know that you are well loved too.
Warmest regards,

Kathie said...

keep those memories in your heart it will help get you thru the next few months. Keep busy with your quilting and other activities.
meet a friend for lunch or a walk .....
glad your granddaughter stopped by and stayed a few days.

Tazzie said...

What a wonderful full and rich life you and your husband had together. I'm sure he's looking down on you and remembering all the fabulous times too.
Sending big hugs your way

julieQ said...

I pray for peace for you. I know you must miss him so much, he was very special indeed. Many hugs, Eileen!

Barb said...

Your blog post brings warmth to my heart, this is a beautiful tribute to your Hubby and the special love that the two of you shared. May God Bless You, and surround you with many gentle memories! ((Hugs))for you!

Gran said...

Thank you for sharing on your DH's birthday. With love in my heart I am sending a prayer for you to feel peace through this next journey of yours. Hugs