Thursday, June 10, 2010

What a Wonderful Day

Last week I went out to the Quilt Shop to see about when they had their meetings. Also about the program they do ,sewing quilts for kids. They aren't having them this summer but did have a couple kits there so I took this one and have it all finished now. Think I will call and see if it is OK that I finish it with the quilting. The lady that takes care of these has a longarm so quilts them but I imagine if someone wants to go ahead and quilt one it would be OK. I want to use up some of this material around here and make good use of it. Really don't need any more quilts

Now I want to show you what I have been working on for a few weeks. This is the first Schnibbles, Imagine, small quilt I have made from her new book, Schnibbles Times Two, because she has used the Plates and the Charms to make the patterns. The plates make a larger quilt. Kim has been making some of the larger ones. I used two of the charm packs that Kim sent me for a condolence gift, so I would have something to do. Ha.!
I have just started to quilt this little guy.

This quilt you have seen before but not completely finished.

I have been busy outside when I can, getting all the high grass cut with the weed whacker but can only do it for about an hour a day. Then my back starts to hurt.
But am continuing with the swimming 3 times a week and the past week have had my eyes dialated twice. Once to get new lens and I do have a cataract which will have  to come off in about a year and then my bi-yearly check up for my macular. It is still at the dry stage so that is good. Have too many quilts to finish. Now that I have more time I am also trying to get involved with some local quilters.

Then this weekend will have a visit with my Colorado grandddaughter and her other grandmother, my DD and oldest Daughter. Going to meet in Fairfax and go to a big Fairfax celebration for the day. Sara has just finished her second year of collage and she wants to be a teacher.

So am doing alright and will be back to you when I have something else to show you and talk about. Thanks for visiting. I love your comments.


pajudie said...

Love your quilts!! I've got to try those "schnibbles" - they look like fun. Glad you're doing alright, Eileen. The swimming is great exercise - glad it's helping you. Take care -

Lindah said...

Oh, my, Eileen! The combination of your back issues with the weedwhacker gives me a bit of concern.
Your quilts are so pretty! Love the colors. Have fun with the quilting classes. It sounds like you are keeping busy.
The get together with gr-daughter and all will be a neat time, I'm sure. Although I am older, my one gr-daughter is quite young. I have no sisters. My 1 SIL and 1 DIL are hundreds of miles apart and a couple thousand from me. Hard to get together. :-) So have a really blessed time with your "girls."

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Eileen I love your "What a Wonderful Day"! Need any "scrapes" for the kids quilts? I have some you can have - just holler. Your work is wonderful - love yha! Have a great weekend with the family connection.

kclily said...

Your quilts are beautiful as always. I am glad to hear that you are doing well.

Barb said...

How sweet those quilts are, and congrats on the "Quilt for Kids"...I still need to quilt mine! I really need to try "schnibbles" I am reading so much about them on various blogs...and they look so fun, gotta try it :>)!! Take care and enjoy the visit!

quiltmom anna said...

Sounds like life is keeping you busy- THey will love having your beautiful quilts for the kids.
Those weed whackers are amazing- we have a good one that my son uses regularly on some of the trees and bushes that build up around the yard.
Some day I am going to make a Schnibbles quilt. I have seen Carrie's new book around and think I may order it as a gift to myself for finishing all the year end stuff.
I am off to finish some reports.
Take care dear friend,