Saturday, July 25, 2009

Murder of Two Trees

It looks like I got two pictures of the same tree. The one at the back of the house was similar but it was early morning and darker back there before the sun came over the mountain.
Yes, we murdered two trees but they were dead already and bugging me. Never know when a big storm would come through and take them down although from the looks of the trunks they certainly didn't have any rot through them. This is the one right along the road as the picture was taken about in front of our house looking down.
Yes, you can see the Red Roof of our neighbors with the log house and that horrible red roof that can be seen all over the valley. Ive been trying to find a way to delete this picture as it is the same tree. Just imagine it is the other one.

This is the big truck with the bucket and at the back of the house . You can see the tree without any leaves and in the following pictures will see the limbs all come down. I didn't take any pictures of all the logs on the ground. Should have to see how big. The base of this tree is about 3 feet across and about the same for the other one. I can't imagine how high.
Here he is cutting the limbs off as he goes up. First he lets them drop and then when he gets the bigger ones he ties a rope and the hold it back and ease it down so it falls where they want it. This tree is only about 9 feet from the border of our property. Here he is cutting that large limb off I thought I had a picture of it falling. Might be in the next one.
Nope this is him starting on the smaller limbs. This tree and the next are still the one at the back of the house. after looking at them enlarged I could tell because of all the trees below. That is a big woods across a small road from us at the back. Another view, Not sure what is different. Can't really see these too good as I have no way of enlarging them until they are published and in the blog. Can see the progression of the cutting. This is the tree along the road all stipped and is ready to cut at the bottom and drop. Course they tied a rope about half way up and a couple guys on the other end kept it taunt until it was cut through. Here I should have gotten a picture of it on the ground. Just barely missed a new Red bud tree but the worker saw it and protected it with big logs.
Oh, and the owner was true to his word and replaced the Rhododendron they broke off last year when cleaning up after our big storm. Twice over. Brought me two good sized plants and planted them. Should bloom for me next spring. He had told me not to pay him until he replaced them. You know he was going to do it then.
OK I have been busy doing other things than watching them cut the trees down. Here is my semi-completed Double Delight. I have the bottom half sewn into the diagonal strips. Should be working on it right now. but--
I found the blue indigo with tiny figures at the local Quilt Shop and it's perfect. Will see what DD has to say about it. She is back from her cruise and says its the best way to go on vacation. Course she had no kids with her which helped.
She will be up sometime this week. DH is still planning on coming home next Tues the 28.

Of course the blue will be on the top and bottom also. I just cut the two strips to see how they would work. Am going to do my corners with the nine patches like Bonnie did.

We had a good rain last night and today is so nice but getting warm. I was out for a little bit. But now want to get busy and sew more blocks together and then the strips so I can get the borders on. Have no idea whats to come next. I know I won't have to much time in the next couple weeks. With Hubby coming home and our son coming for a weeks visit on the 31. Daughter in there some where and also our grandson Chris will be here for a day or so. Have to get back cooking. Anyone want a job?
Oh, the naked ladies are coming up. If you want to know more about these look at last years blog about this time or the first part of August.
Thanks for stopping by.

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Anonymous said...

Big excitement in your neck of the woods with the trees coming down. Glad you got 2 rhodedendrons,hope they do well. Your new quilt is spectacular. Is it pieced or are those curved flower-like areas appliqued?I love the orange. Take care, I'll see you soon, Hugs, CAthy