Saturday, April 18, 2009

it's Over and I feel good

Since you all knew I was to have the shot in my back yesterday, I thought I better give you the news, good or bad. But so far so good. Took several minutes this morning when I got up to realize I could walk upright. No pain at all. I have had a little tingling now and then in my one leg but it goes away. Can take that

So this morning I went to Curves since I missed yesterday. Then stopped at the Library to be sure I had a book to read for tomorrow while I wait for hubby to get his new pacemaker. I've started to read Nora Roberts trilogy about the Eastern shore and the Chesapeake. When I went to get the first one they didn't have it so ordered it from another library. But I needed something to read. I have been doing a lot of that while resting. The second one is called Rising Tide and is so good I am afraid I will finish it before tomorrow afternoon.So ended up getting the third one called Chesapeake Blue. Will go back and read the first one last. It is called Sea Swept in case anyone would like to read them. Having been to the area several times it is really interesting.
I came home and decided to get out and rake some more leaves. I have a big tarp I put them in and then drag it down to where we dump them at the end of the property. Two loads is all I can take any more. Getting old.
I laid in the sun and read and tried to sleep. Decided to go into the basement where it was cool and finish pining the Pineapple blossom quilt, pictures in the last post I think. Ended up finishing that and started to quilt it. Got the blocks mostly stitched in the ditch. I'm not to good at free motion unless I have lines to follow so most of the inside will be in the ditch. Got a good bit done and decided it was time to read again. Well at least read the online mail and while at it figured I would catch you all up on ME. Doing good so far. Guess time will tell. Now on to that book.

Thanks for stopping and reading my chatter. Maybe some pictures the next time. I noticed I'm getting pretty close to 200 posts so will have to do something. Stay tuned.