Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Christmas Time

That means family time. This year is very special as my son came in yesterday to spend a few days before Christmas and also our daughter came up for overnight and we were the four original family
But first, our neighbors had sent us a package from Omaha Steaks with quite a variety of meats. So my hubby says, why don't you invite them over and let them pick out one of your tops in the basket and you can machine quilt it for them. Wasn't that nice? How many of you have husbands so generous with YOUR quilts. I thought about it and decided I had a queen size quilt that I had machine quilted by a good friend and I really had no place for it. So I put it on hubby's bed and invited them over to see if they would like it. Silly question for anyone who likes quilts and has a China quilt on there bed.
So they came over Sat afternoon and she was still bearing gifts. for me this time. The steak were for hubby

This is one of the things she brought me. It's a Longaberger Christmas purse with a wallet
inside. She kept begging me to look inside. Well in the wallet where you keep your bills she had a gift certificate to my favorite quilt shop for $25. What a gal. Also gave me a new quilters daily calendar with all those nice blocks on it.and a cute candle vase with cutouts that says friends.

So about that time in walks my son. A little earlier than we expected and I had to go to town and get the oysters for dinner today and stop at the Chinese buffet and get us supper. Then we got serious about working on the new laptop. In no time at all he showed me how to hook up the printer, and it works, Uploaded all the pictures on two disks and showed me how to use my wireless mouse instead of trying to use the one on the laptop.

So as you see I've loaded the very first picture on my blog. Gee, Thank You Kim for doing that all these months.

My daughter got here about 7 pm and finished up the Chinese and then we had a great visit and at 11 this is what they were doing.

Just like days gone by playing backgammon on the floor. While I'm showing pictures, this is one that my neighbor took and sent to me. Hubby blinked when the camera flashed. He doesn't always look like that.

I still have plenty to learn on here. In fact yesterday I was in someplace and put a lot of my blogs in thinking it was the bookmarks.

Now we can't find that particular file. It was one that came up for that purpose but with this being a lot of google stuff hard to tell where it is.

So far Christmas has been good. Had a nice package from Kim but I'll let her show you what she sent me.

Hope everyone is almost ready now for Santa to come.All I have to do is buy groceries for dinner when all the grandkids will be up with their parents. On the 26.

Thanks for stopping in and another time I will have some quilty things to show.


Kim said...

Great job, Eileen! I KNEW you could do it! LOL! Your family looks like everyone had a nice time. I know it's more work for you, but I bet you're enjoying having them there.

quiltmom anna said...

Hi Eileen,
Congratulations on posting your first pictures- You did a terrific job.
I never have been much of a backgammon player but the very first time I played( with the help of a friend) we backgammoned my husband. That was the end of my backgammon career.
It ia very nice picture of you and your husband.
Have a great time with your family .
Season's greetings!

Anonymous said...

My DH is quite generous with MY quilts, too. As a matter of fact, he keeps offering them to his sisters and daughters. What the heck! One of my fave quilts just got quilted this week...he had the nerve to tell me that our DD would love it for Christmas! I hung it up on our freshly painted living room wall (after it was dry, of course) and hopefully he won't have the heart to take it back down!

Great job uploading the pics!

Have a great holiday!

Candace said...

Your hubby is too funny, Eileen - but you were a good sport! I think he's awfully proud of your quilts to do that!
Have a wonderful time with your family and I'm so glad the laptop is working out for you!

Dawn's Daily Journal said...

What a blessed day you had!!! Love the picture of you and your hubby!
Have a very Merry Christmas in your part of the world,

Sharon said...

What great pictures of you and your family. I'm sure that it was so nice for you and George to have them both with you at the same time. I knew you could do the laptop, just listen to someone who doesn't even have one. When, if ever, I get one I'll call on you to help me.


Lorraine said...

Hi Eileen....I found your blog thru Kim' the cardinal wall hanging she sent to you....lucky gal! I have been having fun with my laptop since I got it for my birthday last week...lovely photo of you and hubby....we will have two of the kids home for Christmas with their partners....they will be off after breakfast and it will be just the two of us for lunch....and then we will probably enjoy an afternoon sleep..LOL...although I have plans that involve my sewing room!

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Yahoo For You- I think you've got it!

You deserve the very best Christmas ever.

Anonymous said...

Great Job on the new computer! Hope you enjoy your family Christmas!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.
Cheryl, Minniestitches
Just a note: This won't post with my ULR for you.

Matilde said...