Sunday, December 7, 2008

A New Experience

I am on a laptop learning. I have a New Dell coming just before Christmas so Have gotten the wireless router set up and my friend Roben brought over her old laptop so I could play.

That's what I'm doing. Have gotten into some of the blogs and read. What a difference than on my MSN2. I wanted to see how different the set up on here was, so figured I'd do a short post.I have never had a compter so this is all new. I'm sure I'll have plenty of mistakes but I imagine you will all excuse me.

The main thing I want to be able to do is put pictures in when I want them. Instead of having to wait for Kim to put them in. She has been wonderful. I am very excited about getting this very special present.

My son has only had Dells and I asked him to check into them for me. At first he said he thought could get a better deal by going to Best Buy. which I did last Wed. But they had just a few and not the size I wanted. so emailed my son again and he then called me and said what he could get. Ordered and it's to be sent on dec. 16. My son will be here to visit then on the 20th in time to get me started. A friend came over the other day and hooked up the wireless router. That's how I am able to use this machine.

so stay tunned, I will be back


Lindah said...

How exciting for you! Computers are great patience teachers. :-) Take it slow and easy. It will come, and you will wonder how you EVER did without one.

Tazzie said...

It is going to be a whole new world for you Eileen, I'm excited for you! Have lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo!!! Hi to my big cuz! ;)

Anonymous said...

You will do fine. You have the determination and DS will be a big help. I find you learn something new everyday. Couldn't live without my Dell.

Linda Z

Kim said...

You did good, Eileen! I guess that will keep you busy for awhile once it comes!

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

You go girl! You will be blazing trails on your blog!. Kim and your other helpers are angels to have helped you. Looking forward to blog in the near future.

Roslyn said...

You can do it! I taught my Mum to use the computer in about a week when she was 80!
Make lots of notes to refer to when people are instructing/helping you so that when you come across another challenge you have a reference.