Monday, December 1, 2008

Finds in the garage

The other day I had to go looking for something for Hubby in the garage, which really is more our storage room. Didn't find that but did find these things in a box.

Probably more that 20 years ago when I used to go to lots of Estate auctions, I can remember going to one in Frederick on a Sat. The yard was packed with boxes which are so much fun to go through. You check out what you are interested in and stay close till it is sold. This one big box was full of this

Paper patterns and this box full of the type of patterns we used to use for cutting out blocks and for marking quilting patterns.

This is a few of the cardboard patterns in this little box. I really like this one for about a 10 or 12 in. plain block. You can see it was used good. We only used to use pencil. Not the blue ink we have now.

This picture shows how she keep these small circular one together.

Opened up they make a nice design of fans. Wouldn't that take a lot of time? Some of these in envelopes had "For [a name]" So I imagine this lady made quilts to order. Wonder how much she got? If I remember right they had some of her quilts that they sold and they went high for then.

Here are a few of the other pieces that are easily recognized. The clamshell is a neat one not seen to often.

I thought some of you that are interested in the antique quilts would like to see these. I haven't gone through them all so I might have more later.

We had a nice Thanksgiving on Friday when our daughter and her oldest daughter and youngest son came up for overnight. I really thought I was going to have a lot of help with the dinner but-- Seems she did a dandy burn job on her right wrist when she slipped and the hot ravioli spilled out on her wrist and ended up with a 2nd degree burn. Looked terrible. No water and it hurt for her to try and peel potatoes. At least Ashley my GD did all the dishes both for dinner and later for supper. Oh, DD dried them.

They left Sat. morning to drive up to Philly to take Ashley back to Art school. Then drove back down to Southern Maryland where they live.

I've been doing a little sewing. Kim sent me her Trees pattern so I have been sewing trees. Mine look altogether different than hers as I used darker colors. Think I like hers better but. She suggested that when I finish with the pattern that I have a giveaway of it so stay tuned.

I have another appointment with the chiropractor on Wed. so am hoping with each one that things get better. Didn't seem much better this weekend but that last cracking of my back sure felt good.

Hubby has been pretty good lately except for his blood sugar. Seems it doesn't matter what he eats; sometimes it's low and other times it's high. Most of the time he has to have two shots a day and of course I have to do them. Not my favorite thing to do.

Thanks for all the nice comments. Love to read them even though I don't seem to find the time to go reading other blogs much. Course have to read Kim's every morning.


Kim said...

And of course, you have to say that! LOL! Great finds and fun to see!

Anonymous said...

What a fun box to find but I'm really glad for my rotary cutter!! I did templates in the past and don't really want to go back there.

Glad dd was there for some of the weekend.

We had a good Thanksgiving here. Pictures on my blog. :) (it should come up when you click on my name here)

MARCIE said...

What a treasure trove that box is! And one only another quilter could truly appreciate. Lucky you!

antique quilter said...

what a wonderful find of these stencils and patterns. Wish I could find a box like that!
glad your DD came with her family to spend time with you, always nice.
Glad your DH is feeling pretty good too.
and happy to hear your sewing!
can't wait to see your trees.
I started that last year and never finished it.
oh well.
maybe next year!

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Hi there - hope you had a productive Dr visit.

Can you imagine cutting those heavier looking stencils. Must have been young hands. I appreciate the TLC the maker took. Thanks for sharing.

Thinking of you. Glad you are getting to quilt a little.


quiltmom anna said...

HI Eileen,
What a great box of stencils that you have - and how wonderful they are owned by someone can appreciate and value them.
I am looking forward to seeing your trees- Kim's is pretty cool and I am sure that yours will be wonderful too.
It must have been nice to have your daughter and family with you for Thanksgiving. Is it a long drive for your daughter to come to visit?
I am with you- Kim has a great blog that I always enjoy visiting- she makes me laugh with her excellent adventures. Blogland is sure full of lots of great quilters who are great people too.

Hope the chiropracter works and that your Hubby is getting better.
My husband found a meteorite last weekend on his adventures..
Happy Quilting,

Anonymous said...

what a great find in the garage!
so many ideas,,,,,,,,,so little time.
nice to think of how those templates were used and by whom. gives us a connection to quilters with different methods than ours.
Dawn in MA

ranette said...

Love the box of stencils. I'm lucky enough to have a similar box full of old stencils that were my hubby's Grandmothers. She also made a notebook of the old Kansas City Star patterns that were in the paper every week. I didn't really know her (she was 92 when we married) but I feel a real connection to her through quilting.