Saturday, November 22, 2008

Marcie's Christmas Sparkler

Yes, I have finished my version of Marcie's Sparkler quilt. Have used a variety of Christmas prints. Most of the new line of TB but then some are from a jelly roll that Kim had sent me and then for the border I dug down deep in a drawer where I had some Christmas fabrics and found this one.

I wanted this to put on top of an old spool cabinet we have in the living room. Thanks Marcie for the cute free design.

My trip to the chiropractor on Friday went well. I'm just getting old. Nothing serious, Just those lower vertebra giving out and giving me some tingling in the legs, aches and pains in my thighs after I get up from sitting for awhile. But he says a few treatments should help.

He put the electrodes to my lower back for about 20 minutes. Says it helps to stimulate the nerves. That's a big problem in my body since the nerves in my feet are pretty much shot. It's called neuropathy and is usually something that diabetics get later on. But I'm not.

So will have some treatments and report back. Next week I go Mon. and Wed. but found out that the Monday appointment is for the same time my hubby has to see his urologist so that will have to be changed.

I'm thinking about getting something made for my College granddaughters for Christmas so that is the next thing in line to do. If I can find some of the material from their quilts.

Winter has really settled in here. Been below freezing for a couple days but sunny. Hope it is nice where you are. Thanks for stopping by the porch.


Sara said...

That Christmas Sparkler is just adorable. I think I am going to have to make one out of my excess Xmas fabrics! Hope your chiropractor appointments go well and you get to feeling better!

Amy said...

I love the Christmas Sparkler quilt. I just wanted to tell ya, I had frostbite on my feet and it is peripheal nerve damage,, Nueropathy, I had accupuncture done for the nerves and my pain.. it has been 4 months since last visit and NO pain or tingling. I will pray for you.have a great week,Amy

Winona said...

I just love your Christmas Sparkler. I printed it off and hope to make one as soon as I get my Christmas gifts done. I may not get to use it till next year, though. Good luck with your chiropractor visits. Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

It was a great day in MO today! Lots of Christmas lights going up everywhere. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Latane Barton said...

Just found your blog and wanted to make contact. I am a quilter and a caregiver. I don't know what your husbands disability is but thought you might like to check out a new blog I started Our Journey Through Alzheimers at

Hope you will visit it and my 'fun' blog

Have a good day and a happy Thanksgiving.


Sand and Sunshine said...

Sorry to hear about your neuropathy, I have it too, and it's gets a bit redundant hearing about how you have to treat your feet like a diabetic. I hope the chiropractor can help you.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Sorry to hear about your neuropathy, I have it too, and it's gets a bit redundant hearing about how you have to treat your feet like a diabetic. I hope the chiropractor can help you.

Shasta Matova said...

Your Christmas sparkler is beautiful. Very festive. I hope you feel better soon.

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Good Morning

I thought that I would stop in for a cup of tea and visit with you for a few minutes :)

I am so glad to hear that you are getting a good diagnosis and are pursuing what you can do about it. It is my hope that you will feel better and have a good plan worked out for the next little while.

Amy mentioned accupuncture - many of my friends have it done by some great doctors and they have found relief from their different aches and pains. I will not hesitate to get that kind of help if I ever need it.

Your Christmas sparkler is beautiful. What size is it? I am going to add it to my to do list.

I wish you a peaceful day with all of your appointments - thinking of you.


Roslyn said...

It's fun when you hear from a relative, or friend , that they are following your blog & checking up on you! Nice that your brother does.

Dionne said...

Your christmas sparkler is wonderful!