Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rantings of an Old Lady

I had an email yesterday from my younger brother in Ohio. He said he'd checked out my blog and nothing different. So D. this is for you.

Only have a couple not so good pictures to show you. What I am preparing to get ready to machine quilt next.

I took these when I was marking this quilt top on my island. It makes a perfect place, although not as big as it could be. Just the right height.

This is the Chexx Mixx blocks that the Hollow swapped a couple years ago. I did a double batch so had lots of blocks to work with. I made a shower curtain out of some the rest of them after setting this top. I got the idea from one that Tazzie showed. Since I am a blue person and had lots of TB blues it came together easy. It's all marked now and just waiting for time to get the backing pressed and to pin it.

The things I'm working on right now I can't show or talk about as it is for our secret sister for the holiday swap.

The reason I'm saying I'm an old lady is I am but have been feeling more like it every day. I can sit in my lounge chair for a couple hours and quilt and when I get up I can hardly walk. Aches and pains in my muscles. Dr. said it was the sacroiliac and I should start walking again. Gee, Dr. if you would like to come and take care of hubby in the morning then I could go walk for the 45 min. I used to walk before he ever woke up.

Then Hubby was looking for a chiropractor for me to go to. Nope don't need that. But maybe a good massage would help. What do you think, Ladies? There is one that comes into the beauty parlor on appointments, Shes even a quilter, big strong gal, I bet she could really make or break. Have to check into that.

Well, this morning after watching Sunday Morning with Hubby and the doctor on Fox, I decided it was nice enough outside to take a walk. It's chilly, definite winter in the air, leaves have fallen down steady now for a few days. Nice walk out though the woods, up and down so if you walk at a good steady pace it is a good workout. For days when you don't go to Curves.

Hubby is doing fairly well although his feet and legs are swelling again. I just don't think his heart is strong enough to do all the work that it should. But as long as he gets up and walks a little each day and lets me sleep; well once a night I've had to get up and help. At least I can go back to sleep.

Gee, it's a football Sunday and none that I want to watch. Redskins have the week off. Have to get reset for next week at home with the Cowboy's. A must win.

Oh, I got my Orange Crush quilt back from the friend who quilted it for me on her long arm. It looks great, Now have to get the binding on and sewn down. Then I will get a picture. Thanks, Patty for the quilting. It's such a busy quilt it needed a good overall quilting job. Love those Bonnie mysteries.

So glad you stopped by and will try to have something more sooner this week.


Anonymous said...

Well, what a wonderful brother you have! ;)

I like your Chexx Mixx quilt. I'm a blue fan as well!!

I'd say go for the massage!! :) I go every other week and it really helps me. I happen to know your brother had one a few years ago for his birthday and he liked it too. :D

Christina said...

beautiful quilt.

julieQ said...

What a nice brother to keep up with what you are doing on the blog! I really love your quilt, it is so pretty the way you set the blocks. Hope your DH is OK, and his swelling improves...

Sara said...

I like that Chex Mix quilt. Very pretty, I especially like all those blues and browns! Sounds like you are doing great, but I would say also go for the massage. I've always wanted one...hmmmm....
maybe Xmas?

quiltmom anna said...

What a lovely blue quilt - It will look gorgeous on a bed- you do such nice work...

I can tell that you and your husband are devoted to one another- I bet the massage would feel real good - pamper yourself a little - you deserve it too..
I will look forward to seeing your new Bonnie quilt- I am sure it looks fabulous..

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Hello from sunny california! I am so happy I have discovered your blog. Keep on keeping on.

Janet said...

What a wonderful quilt! Can't wait to see it finished :0)

Beth said...

I really like your color choices! Guess I have another block to add to my "I wanna make THAT one!" list! I just got Bonnie Hunters new book. I ordered it from her...I'm STILL hankering to do the Carolina Crossroads!