Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Orca Bay and Workshop with Bonnie

This is the finished Thimbleberries quilt I got in Kansas City last year while at retreat. I loved the blue fabric so figured I would like the quilt  which I do very much.

Then below is the finished Orca Bay mystery quilt that Bonnie Hunter gave after Thanksgiving, It has lots of fabrics but what fun waiting to see what comes out. She is so fascinating to watch her mind work with strips. So fun to be in a workshop and then listen to her when she stands before at least a 100 quilters at the Annapolis Guild on Monday night.
Well you now know that I attended a Workshop for Virginia Bound. A quilt shown in her first book. When my Daughter had looked through the book which I had gotten from Bonnie when it came out, she had really liked it with the shirtings. We had decided to cut up my husbands cotton shirts as this is what he wore during the summer.
This is a picture I got when she started the workshop and had us gather around her to show how she made the template to mark off the kite shape to mark on the paper  so we could sew strips. Then this is a couple of the blocks that I made. It won't have the variety of prints that she has as my husband was very consertative, so no bright colors. We decided we had to use a couple reds, sorry George.
This is really fun and a little harder as most of his shirts are permapress so has acrylic . Just have to be careful with hot iron.
Posted by PicasaThis is how they go together and will need 20,blocks and then a nine patch border with stars in the corner. This will be my main sewing project for the next few months.

I will be going to Colorado to visit my son for almost a month in April. My last granddaughter will be graduating from Collage the first part of May. She is the only one so far that is going to be a teacher. Right now is doing her pactice teaching in elementary school up close to where she was raised so is living at home this semester.
Sorry I have been so long blogging but this machine gets to me sometimes. I plan on taking it along to Colorado so will try and keep in touch. Thanks for stopping by.


Lindah said...

Hello, Eileen,

It looks like you have been quite busy with your beautiful quilts and classes.

Ohh, I like your Virginia Bound blocks. I have one from a relative of DH, made way back in 1898, with old suitings and clothing scraps --and then embroidered as a crazy quilt would have been. So many different stitches. Before I lay down my rotary cutter for good, I want to make one of these --but without the embroidery.

Have a good and fun visit with family!

Kim said...

Oh, your string blocks look great! That will be some special quilt to remember your DH by and pass through the family.

Melanie said...

I love the patchwork..... What fun-- to attend a workshop with Bonnie Hunter. I just love her piecework.

pajudie said...

I LOVE your Orca Bay quilt, Eileen - it's so pretty :o) And what a nice string quilt made from your hubby's shirts - that will be a nice memory of him. And I'm sure he would forgive a little bright color once in a while.

MARCIE said...

Hi Eileen, I really love the quilts you have made. And the one with the shirts will be terrific! You sure do accomplish a lot! I bet it was fun to be in Bonnie's workshop.