Monday, November 28, 2011

My first Quilt

 This is a  closeup of my first quilt. I hope these pictures get in order. There are to many of each one. and I don't know how to get rid of them.

 Had to put in a picture of Penny, She likes sleeping in this chair where I put my laptop.
 The  first blocks to the new mystery quilt. Orka Bay that Bonnie is doing. I have about 100 of them finished but the hardest for me is squaring up as it means standing up and I can't do that for very long. So do a little at a time. then sit and sew

This is my butterfly quilt. first one I made and there is a story behind  it, I said I wanted to make a quilt but didn;t know what pattern. My husband said make a butterfly quilt. His grandmother had made one while she lived with them when he was a teenager. His Mother said there was a box on the attic that might have some of her sewing stuff in it. So I found the box and yes, there was the pattern from a New  York paper. The old cardboard templates she used. So did I. It is all hand stitched. I didn't realize this was a diffecult pattern,  If   you   look close the block is on the diagonal and is made in two  pieces and then the  body of the butterfly is sewn in the middle.. There is one block that is pieced wrong. My Mother visit whle I was making it and made one block. She said no more. I just let it like she did it.

This is the  Alaskan quilt I have made to remember my cruise. I bought the kit in Sitka the first port while on board ship.


Unknown said...

I like your quilts! :)

quiltmom anna said...

I so love your butterfly quilt. I have often wanted to make one and look at different patterns but still have not made one. Perhaps one day...
Your new quilt is truly gorgeous. It must bring you many wonderful memories of your trip.
Warmest regards,

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

great quilts, when you don't want a pic in your blog post, click on it in the edit section ( you can go back and still do this too) and then push the delete button. Also when adding them, after you have uploaded all the pics they are highlighted in blue, clciking the photo in the "add me box" turns the blue on and off, only the blue ones will post right there. So upload them all, then UN highlight them and only click the one you want right then, and a few paragraphs later when you want another one you uploaded, and you click the add a photo button, all those pics will still be there, you just highlight which one you want to add. Go ahead and try it now with this post by clicking the pencil at the very end of the post. Then tell it to post. It won't post another one, just the edited version of this one.

Ruth said...

That is amazing for a first quilt!!! Love it! I have a couple butterfly blocks that my grandma made and I need to do something with them.

bertiequilts said...

instead of standing up to trim, pull the adjustable ironing board up to where you are sitting down, adjust it to the height you need (room underneath the ironing board for your feet) and then put a cutting mat on it and cut things out. Probably sitting at a sturdy chair such as a kitchen or dining chair would work best. I havent tried this but I think it will really work and someday I will probably have to do ironing or cutting this way.

merrily row said...

Oh my goodness, what a tough first quilt but it made a lovely one. I am partial to butterfly quilts anyway. :)

And miss Penny sure looks like she is growing. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.