Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas At My house this year and Orca Bay Mystery #3

  • I was told I should show some of my decorations. This is my little tree in the dinning area which has lights on it
My tree which I have only used newer bulbs as Penny uses this table to look out the window. Although since I have had it up she seems sort of afraid to be able to sit on it. She does a little but not as much. So she knows it's something different.
One side of the mantle. This picture is blurry but I don't know how to delete. Kim told me how but this mind cannot remember all..
This is the other side but also blurry. didn't mean for them to be uploaded.

This is the better one and closer up. The celluloid deer just have to be shown at Christmas. They are some of the antique decorations I have from Hubby's  family. The baskets are some of our Heisey  that we collected for years.

Then  the kitchen table with cute Santa table mats and another little tree.
Just another view with the other side of the kitchen showing.
Posted by PicasaNow to the pieces of the three sections of the Orca Bay Mystery which Bonnie Hunter is giving us the month before Christmas. I don't have all of each section done yet but this is a sample of each. I hope to be able to Put this picture on her special link. So will see if I can get that done.

That is about all I have to talk about today. Need to get something to eat and then down to the Boonsboro gym to do my exercises for the day. Have been doing the treadmill and trying to get back into shape. Back to my water exercises again tomorrow and Thurs. mornings. So hope that you are getting your Christmas decorations up and into the mood of shopping. Mine isn't too hard as the grand kids prefer money these days.  Thanks for stopping.


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

you are much further along than I am........soooo far behind this time around. Been working too many hours this year. In time I will get it done.

Candace said...

Your decorations look very pretty. I haven't done any yet but hope to get them up by the end of this coming weekend. I'm doing Orca Bay too, it's hard to pass by a Bonnie Hunter mystery isn't it.

annie said...

I love your table mats too!