Monday, October 31, 2011

Rare Oct, snow Storm

See how the sky looks foogy? That is the way it was snowing. This is just when it started early in the morning of Sat. Oct, 29, Too early for snow. But I am sure you have already heard about this storm.
This is looking from my carport towards the road. That is my lower driveway. Going to my backyard.

This is the backyard and the limbs from the Tulip Poplar. that were the first to come down. Large leaves that had not started to turn and come down. The same tree that the top had come down in a bad storm we had about three years ago. These are on the end of the driveway. More snow.
The electricity went out at 1:15 Sat, I went outside to look around and took my camera. This was taken from the basement door. That tree loaded with snow is the Hemlock. I got the broom and got it off before those limbs came off. The top came out of a Maple tree just above the hemlock
Posted by PicasaJust had to get a picture of these trees before the sun melted the snow and made it fall. Sun. came cold and sunny. Sun  was just coming over the mountain. Can you see why these limbs would bend and crack and fall over the wires. We live in an area that has about 15 homes, farms and the line comes through woods directly from the power station and usually are about the last to get repaired.
At least I have a good generator which at least gives me light and the microwave to heat water for coffee and dinners.and water for the use of the toilets.  But leaving it off at night means a cold house in the morning. Also this time for some reason the cable company was not repairing it until electricity is back. I guess I should have said something to them that some of us have generators that makes it easy for using the laptop IF it is working. So I am at a friends home that has WiFi to get some news out to my friends and this blog written. I miss sewing. I must get the belt fixed on my treadle so it could be used without electricty.
Thanks for stopping and hope you all had a Happy Halloween.


merrily row said...

I thought about you when I heard about the weather headed your way. Glad that you survived no worse for wear. Hope you get the power back soon.

Hugs, Mary

bertiequilts said...

enjoyed seeing your pictures. I was just up in your area 2 weeks ago. My brother lives about 6 miles north of Hancock. He put pictures of the snow on FB. I was wondering if there are any quilt shops near you off 68. He is off 70. I know and have been to the ones in Frederick.