Friday, September 16, 2011

Summer Day

I have this finished now for the Schnibble's Minis that the Pink Pincushion has going. This was fun. One of the last set of patterns that Carrie has designed. I used a bright set of charms. Don't remember the name but if you click on it you will be able to see the designs in the fabrics.
Things have been going on in my life and with trouble uploading pictures to blogger I get a little discussed about even trying to post. But did need to get this posted. Since on the 28th I will be going to KC for a quilting retreat with my online friends. So am trying to get things caught up around here. Besides this past Tues. I had a cataract taken off my right eye and still have a film across the eye. Doctor said it should go away in a week. But am using my left eye and find it is pretty good.
This is one of the kits I put together for Kids quilts. She said last month she had a request for softer quilts for babies. So she put together some kits for us to do in the following month which comes to a close this Sunday.
This is another one. Then I put a couple more together with some of my fabrics and completed them .
This is one. She wants them washed so all this one and another one I didn't get a picture of need labels which I hope to just sew on this Sunday.
I have also been sewing up one I am making from one of the plates that Carrie sent to all of use last month. I was able to find a couple charm packs to complete it. I'm doing on of the patterns out of Carries book 2 that she put out to use Plates but to make the larger quilt it takes two plates. I found that 2 charm packs would do the work. Have all the blocks made now but still need to square them up and finish pressing some. So back to work.
Thanks for stopping until next time.


quiltmom anna said...

You have made some lovely quilts Eileen. It is so nice of you to be making some charity things too.
Hope that the eye is progressing well. The cataract surgery seems to be less onerous than it once was- my father had one last fall and has had really good success with his eye.
I am glad that you persisted in posting- blogger does seem to have its problems these days. I am having some difficulty getting the whole post to post - fortunately it saves it to draft format. I hope to write a new post this weekend too.
I have your lovely handquilted piece sitting on my dining room table these days. It is so fall looking and always makes me smile and think of you.
Warmest regards,

julieQ said...

What a beautiful flying geese variation!! Love the colors you use!!