Saturday, May 14, 2011

Number two Granddaughter Graduates

Here is the graduate and Mother and Grandmother. Just look at those curls that this girl has.
This trip started on Thursday afternoon when my daughter got home from school. I had gone down to her place so we could leave right away. We were headed to Pensacola Florida. Graduation was Saturday morning at 10:30. About 12 pm , Daughter pulled off into a place that advertised motels. We were fortunate to find a really nice one. I went in to see about it as I can get AARP and AAA discounts. Of course there was breakfast so we were on the road again. Oh, found out we were outside of Charlotte, N.C. So we had South Carolina , Georgia, Alabama and finally West Florida. Arrived about 5 pm and called Angela and went over and got her to go find something to eat. This shows her right after we found her. Her Mom holds some roses that her Dad had given her
This is in front of the Civic center.

The evening before we went out on the inlet with all the restaurants but Angela wanted us to see the beach
So this is Mother and daughter talking as it was taking me a while to get down the long beach.go see the sand of the famous beach. The whitest and finishest there is.
It was very hard with my back. Then later I caught Angela out getting close to the water and waves of the gulf. No that is not oil on the beach but seaweed. Just like you find on the beach at Santa Cruz, Ca.
It seems that the other two pictures have disappeared. but at least I have the two here showing where I have been.
We left after having lunch at her favorite restaurant, the New York Grill. Good food. Then she showed us all around the campus and then over to the Game store where she had been working for a couple years. They hate to see her leave. She is not sure where she will be going but wants to go on and get her Master's in her field. We left for home at 5 pm on Sat. and was home about 6 on Sunday evening. Daughter has to go back to school on Monday.

Yes, I know it has been a long time since I posted . Now I have to upload some more pictures of the last projects I have finished or worked on since I have been gone. Came home to the grass so high. Will show you some of the yard and flowers blooming so this will be it for this post. Thanks for keeping coming back .


quiltmom anna said...

Congratulations to your grand daughter on her graduation. That is a terrific accomplishment. That was quite the drive that you needed to do to get there. I am sure she was thrilled to have you there to witness her achievement.
It is always nice to hear about the things that are keeping you busy.
Warmest regards,

Jan said...

So nice you could go to see your grand daughter at her graduation, even if it was a long drive! Don't overdo it with the yardwork!!!!