Saturday, May 21, 2011

Candy Bar Pinwheels

Here is a view I had out my picture window the other day. They are in my neighbors yard, Thank goodness although I have seen some evidence that they have been eating in my yard also.Sorry I have been so long getting another post done. But have been a little busy traveling. My #2 granddaughter graduated from Collage in Pensacola, Florida 2 weeks ago and my daughter and I made a very fast trip down from Thur, evening got there Fri. afternoon about 5, spent the evening with her and saw those famous beaches. The graduation was on Sat. at 10. Then we had lunch with her and she showed us around the campus, will my daughter had seen it. Went to her job and met her boss. They love her and hate to see her leave. She will be staying there until her lease is up in July. Then who knows. We left for home around 5. Spent the night in Georgia somewhere and then got home again to Annapolis around 6pm . I spent the night and came home the next morning as Daughter had to go to school.
Thought is was time I show another picture of Penny. She has found a liking to laying on fabric. This is on the end of my ironing board. She also likes to sleep on my quilt I am hand quilting and have on the chair next to mine with the hoop sitting up. She goes behind and sleeps.

Now this is the quilt for the Pink Pincushion for this month called Candy Bar Pinwheels. It was
a free pattern from Moda. I made more blocks as I need a baby quilt so found this cute material with Norah's animals around the border. For a change I have this finished and quilted. Free Motioned around the animals in the border. You might be able to see it better by clicking on it.
I had just used a variety of blues from my stash.

Then this past week we had Granddaughter #1 graduate from U Arts of Philadelphia. So we went up on Wed. evening and got a hotel as graduation again was at 10 but we had to pick Ashley up early to put all her stuff in DD s van as Ashley is moving somewhere else. But she had to be in Maryland by 6 PM Thurs. Eve, for a wedding rehearsal she was to be in the next day. That with downpours of rain and then close to Annapolis gridlock as it was rush hour. I had it going home also for at least an hour and more rain. That we have had plenty of. Now they say it will be in the 80-90s this week.
At ;least Ashley has a internship for the summer in Philly but has made application for grad school. Wants to take Art Therapy

I had some pictures of the theater that her graduation was in, Beautiful. Downtown Philly in the Art district. This is where the school is and Ashley has spent 5 years there.

Hope not to be soon long the next time. Thanks for visiting.


Jules said...

I have my pinwheels done as well but would like to get to a store for some fabric for the border. I liked this pattern, did you?

Kim said...

The quilt turned out great! I like that one a lot.

quiltmom anna said...

You have some very talented grandchildren- just like their grandma and parents I am sure.
The quilt is sweet...
I have spent the weekend quilting- I have made a twisted strip pattern by Bonnie Hunter- I need to add the border and press it and it will be ready to quilt. It is for my aunt and uncle's 50 wedding anniversary in the middle of June- It could be tricky to get it completed but we shall see.
My grandmother loved the deer too-

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Love your pictures and the beauty you are surrounded with outdoors and the beauty your create in your home, oh and your beautiful Penny is precious too.