Saturday, April 16, 2011

Is Spring ever going to get here?

If you click on this you will see all the little blue flowers . It's the Vinca I have growing on the south bank of the house. Had to get the leaves raked Off them to let them grow. Still have more leaves to go but can only do a lttle at a time. Wouldn't have been as bed if I had been aboe to bet the leaves raked off last fall. But thats the way it goes.
This is the little bed of primulas that I have. I just put 3 new ones in but the pink rimed on in the left corner was from last year. They loose most of their leaves and all during the winter but are the first things up in the spring. The white one is also an old one.
This is a closeup of the pink rimed one. they come out so quick. Need a special spot with just a little sun and plenty of moisture.
At least I got the pictures in. They changed the way of doing it and I think that was my [ problem
Had to have a picture of the Perennial garden but as you can see not much has come up yet. The bulbs There was one jonquil early then these narcissus, they are huge. The columbine are coming out a little and the dianthus. The pinks are starting to show so color on the other side of the drive where the naked lady


Jules said...

Your flowers look nice! I love the primulas. We can't winter them here so I never buy them.

We had snow today. No spring yet for us. My daffodils got blasted & beat-up yesterday w/ over 24 hrs of high winds. I'm ready for SUMMER!! :)

Unknown said...

I like the blue little flowers coming up and the pretty primulas.

It's getting pretty green here and I love that newness every year. :)

Michele said...

I enjoyed the pictures of your flowers! Thank you so much for sharing them :-)

quiltmom anna said...

I am so wishing for flowers- we still have snow Eileen- Every time we think it is going to melt away Mother Nature sends us a few more flurries to test our patience.
It is very late to have snow here- more because we have piles of it still in the front yard. I know spring is coming... I am just not sure when...
Thanks for sharing a few spring flowers-
Warmest regards,

Appalachian Mercantile said...

I'm ready for Spring, too, Eileen. We had a horrible rain night before last and all day yesterday. It beat up my daffodils pretty bad. My bleeding hearts have flowers, though, and my hosta actually made it through the winter. I lost several good plants due to the drought. :(

Have a good day!