Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Different Pattern and kids quilts

I saw this pattern in  a flyer that came in a renewal for the Quick Quilts. It just looked sort of neat that I picked out 12 different FQs out of my stash that sort of went together and decided to try it. I will say that the pattern had it listed as the Modern Baby quilt All in reds and pinks.
This first picture is the way the 17" square was cut. Then part of the top pieces were put on the bottom .Then sewn back into a square.

This is the blocks all sewn back together Now they are sliced diagonally through the middle.  and switched around. Sewn back through the middle and then put into a pl;easing placement. I  then found this black print floral that is probably from the late 90s that I used for the borders. Sort of out of this world don't you think?
This is the finished quilt. I was making this as a throw for a friend. She has black leather couches and needs some color. Might not be a friend aster I give it too her.
In the past three weeks I  have sewn up the tops of 7 kids quilts. They are all cut out and the pattern given so no really any big deal. Here is the last two . I believe I showed a couple in the last post. I think after seeing how many the gal has to quilt, That I will make one out of some fabrics I have and quilt it also to help a little. We have another meeting in two weeks and she usually has quilts that we have made ready for us to make the binding  on them. She gave me one of mine today . So will need to find something to use and get it sewn on and whipped down.

I sure hope I got these pictures right. When I came back to it all that was there was the squares. so am hoping they stayed there.

I have no excuse for not posting sooner. Just really bummed out with this new camera and the way it uploads. I'm sure it is me not knowing what to do. Guess it might help if I read the instructions that was put into the computer from a disk.  Kim got the very  same camera  for Christmas and seems to be doing fine but then she doesn't have  Picasa which is what the blogger said we should get. Most of the time it makes it easier to put the pictures in a blog but getting them into my computer pictures is another thing.

I have two weeks off from swim class. The spring session starts the second week I think. Seems funny not going any place on Tues. and Thurs. mornings. But the time will go by fast. If it warms up this next week like they say I can get the mulch spread. Get more leaves raked up and off the flowers coming up or vinca.  Other years I had this done in the fall but couldn't do a thing in the fall with my  surgery.

Otherwise things are going well. and am looking forward to the travels of the summer. Have two granddaughters graduating from collage. One in Florida the other in Philadelphia. plan to get to both.Then in late  July the Cruise to Alaska.

So where are you all planning to go on your vacations?  Thanks for sticking by me. I will be back sooner or later.Thanks for stopping by.


Lindah said...

Hi Eileen --I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering what's up. Sounds you are doing great and an interesting summer planned. Couldn't get your photos to open, but your quilts sound pretty and having seen photos of your past work, I'm sure they are pretty. You sound like me --anxious to get outside in some spring weather and get the yard put to rights. :-) Don't over do it! I always manage to do that and get my arthritis flared up. But probably won't this year as I will be having a pacemake installed right when I should be outside. Pooh! But it will be good in the long run. Take care and have a great summer.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I couldn't see your photos either, don't know if it is blogger acting up again or not, will check back again tomorrow to see if I can see them or not.

SandyQuilts said...

Bummer photos still not showing up. Have you tried Windows Live Writer to write your blog post?

Appalachian Mercantile said...

Couldn't see the pics, but I'm sure they are stunning!

Talk to you soon...


Julie S said...

Can't see the photos, Eileen. I hope you can fix them. I really would like to see them.