Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quilt Along setting

This isn't the way I was going to start this blog but I am having problems with these pictures. Really with Picasso. I took the download of the Picasso system and I love it as you can do so much with the pictures and see them so much better. So someone who doesn't have the best eyes it is a help. The problem is when it comes to putting the pictures in the holding area on the blog so you can upload them where you want them. The browser won't take you to the Picasso pictures in your laptop. So I need help. I noticed at the bottom you could add them to your blog. Which I did and now I have 4 different blogs with pictures in them. Can anyone help me !, Oh, my question mark key is not working. I think I need to call Dell.

This is all the finished blocks for this quilt a long. I have started this evening to sew them into rows. But this past week has been busy.

My son was here until yesterday and on Friday he took me to Ohio to visit my brother and his family. They were having their yearly get together. So My son got to see his cousins for the first time over 30 years. That's what happens when you move across the country from your relations. It was fun and to see all the little ones. Their great grandchildren. and none of my grandchildren are even married yet. We were married in the same year.

On the way home though I got sick with the intestinal flue. Then Monday night my son got it but it is really going around here. I  had planned to make Chili for the gang when they came here after the game convention but DS made it. It was very good.

The grandchildren and DD came so we could put their Dad and grandfather in his final resting place at the cemetery. He had been on the hearth in his box. At least his ashes were. It was mainly family, A couple close friends that knew him well .

I am back to the regular routine now except of getting some tests done now so the doctor can see any changes since the last MRI and X-Rays. Tomorrow I go in for the nerve study test on my legs. Had this done several years ago when I developed this Neuropathy.

I have no more pictures as I can't get them in here so you have to put up with my talk. But this is it.  I did want to let you know how things were going. I have a niece from Colorado Springs coming on Sunday to visit for a week. She wanted to come for the Memorial Service but I figured we would have more time together if she waited to come later. She is the only one of my sisters girls that quilts when she has time. So we want to get some quilting in. and of course a lot of talking.

But if someone can help me with this Picasso thing please let me know or email me. Thanks for dropping by.  Posted by Picasa


Moiz said...

Hi, Sorry for the trouble with your Dell. Please respond with the service tag, your phone number and the best time to reach you. Will be glad to help. Thank You. MA

antique quilter said...

oh the quilt looks great!
have fun sewing it together.
so nice to hear that your family is visiting and keeping you busy.

Shasta Matova said...

Sorry about your computer difficulties - I don't really know how I can help you. Your quilt setting is wonderful, I am definitely going to have to make (lots of) this block and quilt.

Mrs Quilty said...

What a beautiful quilt!!!

julieQ said...

Your quilt is just so pretty!! I have no idea about Picassa, I am sorry...and I loved seeing you on your cruise! I wanna go!!

Ila K. said...

I've been using Picasa, but I don't like the "blog this" feature. I just sync the photos to my web account, then instead of loading from the computer, I cut and paste the URL for the image. I imagine there's more than one way to make it happen, though.

Never could figure out how to do multiple pictures using the "blog this" button.

Wow! Fast Dell service, Moiz!