Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Good Day

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Joe 4, Ashley, My daughter, Angela and Dan
This was taken the day we had the Memorial for George. It was the first time all four of my daughters children had been together for a year and a half. She used to be tall. Seems the kids are all outgrowing her.

Joe is a chef  at an exclusive restaurant at Shady Side on the Chesapeake Bay. Ashley is in her 5th year at Art school in Philadelphia. Angela is starting her Senior year at the University of Western Florida in Pensacola. So we will have two graduating next year. Dan is a Sophomore. Mighty good family.

My niece has gone and this week I am trying to get caught up on a few things. Doing the binding on the quilt I have finally finished hand quilting Will get a picture as soon as it is finished. Finished up my 4th Kids Quilt. But need to get it quilted. Have been trying to get things finished up.

I went to the Neurosurgeon this morning and he told me what he could do. Didn't sound to bad and he said it should help the pain and the numbness I get when standing. So I haven't gotten the dates yet but do need to see the PT tomorrow to find out the does and don'ts.

Otherwise it has been sort of boring around here, Except it was rather cool today.  Got down in the 60s and felt good. Swimming will start again the middle of Sept. Don't know how long I will be able to go but signed up anyway. It is being held at a different pool and we won't have the extra swim time as before but at least it is a heated pool in an assisted living complex.

Hope you all have been having a good summer. Thanks for stopping by.

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Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Hello Luv!
I love your blog and pictures. How exciting to get some good feedback on your pain and some solutions for you. I admire you for forging on and look forward to all you can do after the surgery!