Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blizzard of 2010

No this doesn't look like a blizzard and I really wanted this last but didn't put them in right order and I haven't been able to move them around like you are suppose to.
This is a baby quilt I just finished the last couple of days, for one of my hubby's nurses that is expecting her 3rd in a week or so and the aides are giving her a shower on Friday and I thought this was a good way of showing her our appreciation for all she does. She is our favorite. This was a printed panel that someone gave me. Probably from the 80's or 90's but cute for a little girl which is what she is expecting. I just quilted it and put a sleeve on the back so she could hang it if she wanted to.
Now in case you haven't heard the east coast and mainly the DC area and Maryland have just gone though two days of snow and more snow. In fact I took a yardstick to the highest point on this porch this morning and it was 18 inches. This is our lower porch. It is a heavy snow this time not like the last one that you could blow away.
This is the bird feeder outside the lower porch. See how high that snow is stacked.? This is looking out the other side of the porch to the garage door and the Air conditioner motor. Has to be close to 2 feet piled on there. Hard to tell when that snow will be removed. Rusty our neighbor was over and cleaned out the upper drive and sometimes does clean this lower one but way too much snow for that now. These I took out front before anything had been done to the drive. Now the rail fence has disappeared with the snow that Rusty took off the drive. This goes out to the main road. This morning when I first came out to see how things were, The wind had blown snow on the car clear over the front windshield. I cleaned out to the end of the carport and then took this picture. I measured out as far as I could to get away from the roof and got 15 inches. Now that has all been cleaned off pretty much and is piled in the front yard.This is how it looks now after Rusty cleaned it and pushed a lot across the road. The snow plow did come though and has clean it off some more but think there is an inch of hard snow left. I want the blacktop to show through before going any place. Looks like the snow has finally stopped. Can see the whole valley once again.
Now Hubby has been well cared for and has hopes , maybe of coming home this coming week. Only time will tell and weather permitting.
Thanks for stopping by, hope the weather is a whole lot better where you are. It is beautiful though.


Kelly Ann said...

I feel your in Jeffersonton VA we have 21 inches...stay warm.

pajudie said...

We had about 18" too - I had a great time in my sewing room catching up on my UFO's - our neighbors came over and cleared our driveway before I could get out there - so lucky!!! Hope your hubby gets to come home.

kclily said...

I had heard on the news about the snow storm that was hitting your area. Glad to hear you are doing okay. The picture of your mail box made me chuckle because the snow is so deep. I have never seen anything like that here in Oklahoma. Hope your hubby gets to come home soon.

quiltmom said...

That is quite the dump of snow you have got this weekend, Eileen. I read another blog from Stephanie in DC area and she is really snowed in- She showed the piles of snow where cars are completely hidden.
We get our share of snow here but it doesn't usually come in such large amounts.
My husband grew up in Newfoundland and they get that heavy wet snow but somehow out here the snow doesn't have quite as much moisture.
We hope to go to Red Deer tomorrow to help my sister celebrate her 50 th birthday. It will all depend on the weather.
Nice baby quilt you have made for George's nurse.
Sounds like he is doing great,- It sure will be nice for you to get him home again.
Stay warm-

Lindah said...

Brrrr, it looks pretty cold. I remember those snows when I lived in that area. I always hoped for the dry snow that I could sweep.:-)
The baby quilt is so sweet. Lucky baby!
Take care!

Gran said...

I love your post! The picture of the quilt is very nice! You are so thoughtful to put a sleeve on the back just in case she wants to hang it. I bet she will treasure the quilt!
We have been keeping track of your weather and our sons family who live in Bethesda. They had over 24" yesterday, I wonder what last night and today will bring. I LOVE the picture of the bird house with the snow on the roof.
Thinking of you and wishing you a great snow bound day.


Orcsmom said...

I know the snow is cold, but what beautiful scenery it makes. The baby's quilt turned out so cute, and I know they will cherish it. Glad to hear that hubby is doing better. You take care also my friend! Sending you warm thoughts!!


Anonymous said...


Love the baby quilt and also the pictures. I can't imagine that much snow. Take care.


MARCIE said...

Oh you sure did get snow! I will now officially stop complaining! I hope you are nice and snug at home and don't need to go anywhere.

Molly said...

Wow! Eileen, I'm out near Seattle and we've had a pretty warm winter. We got slammed last winter and I sure got cabin fever. Hang in there and stay warm! I love your blog.