Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quilt in a Day

Isn't this cute. Yes, I sewed it up in one day. It's a long story. To bad I don't have any greats coming along but--
Last week when DD came she brought some boxes of quilting stuff from her long time friend and collage roommate Maggie. She had been up the week before because she said she had something for her. Her Mother passed away about 6 months ago and she and her husband are moving into the old house that her Dad had built.
Well it seems that Maggie's Mom had said to give all her quilting things to Ro. So who does she bring it to? Sure with the request that I quilt the one top she had finished. That will be the next one I guess.
In looking through the stuff I came across these blocks of circus kids in these bright primary colors. I just happened to have a set of FQs of these colors so set about to make this quilt top. I want to get this quilted when I quilt my puzzle quilt. DD was here this evening and she said" gee that would be nice to give to Maggie for her first grandchild." She has two children, Neither married yet. So guess that is where it will go. I was surprised how fast those piano keys worked up. I sewed up strips and then cut the length.
It seems her Mom had a thing for Amish. She had this all quilted but not bound . So I have bound it also for Maggie if she wants it. There is another rail fence which needs to be bound also.
So I have been finishing up things. Even finally finished the Bette Bunny that I got from Kim last year. At least it is ready for Easter this year. I still have a small angel wall hanging that needs to be finished. It is an applique and I really am not fond of it.
We have been living in the far north. Roaring winds for two days and not above freezing. It was 11 outside this morning and 19 now. Burr
Tomorrow starts the new session for swimming. I sure hope they have that water really warm. Seems nuts to be going swimming in this kind of weather but won't be near as bad as those that took the Polar Plunge on New Years day in the Potomac.
Hubby is really doing much better. He is suppose to get an X-ray tomorrow to make sure his lungs are clear. So maybe he will come home later in the week.
How do you like my new digs. I wanted to change and Kim told me how but for some reason my system did not let me go to the source. So she sent me the link and I looked and she put it in. Wanted to get looking more springlike. Thanks for stopping by.


Paula said...

That is a really cute little quilt. Good for you for getting it done in one day!!! And, I really like the piano key border.

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

It seems you are having fun with your new "digs." I like the colours and the design. Maggie will be very happy with your work on the quilts. They are delightful and the memory sweet to have in her home - nice remembrance of her mother and you dear quilting heart. Kim and I we at BP&HH's Gathering today. Her class is going to be fun with her wooly things. I'll think of you off in Water Aerobics tomorrow - happy new session. Keeping my fingers crossed for a good x-ray result for DH.

Jan said...

The Circus Kids quilt is so cute. I like the Amish one too. You are nice to finish those up for her! The cold wave is hitting in Texas, too, but we don't have any snow like you do!!!

Anonymous said...

What a Sweetheart you are. I am sure Maggie will be tickled to have her Mom's quilts finished. I sure hope Geo gets to come home it has been a long haul for him. You will miss your quilting time, but nice to have his company.

Linda Z

quiltmom anna said...

Maggie is going to love having those finished pieces of her mother's. They will be real treasures for her.
Stay warm and be careful when you are walking outside.
We had inside recess today because it was too cold to be outside.
I did get a bit of mending done- perhaps I will get a chance to quilt on the weekend.
Went back to work yesterday- the kids seem to have grown over the holiday.
Our Christmas cactus is blooming- I was so surprised to see its beautiful blossoms.

Shasta Matova said...

Nice new layout. That is really sweet of you to finish all these UFOs from your friend. They are cute.

MARCIE said...

Hi Eileen, Your blog looks lovely! Are you ready for spring? This cold weather can blow away as far as I am concerned. Looks like you have your hands full with new projects. Have a Happy New Year!