Tuesday, January 26, 2010

He's Back and It's Finshed

I have finished the Schnibbles, Dulcinea, that Kim sent me for Christmas. I showed it to you before I quilted it. Was trying to fined a different way of taking a picture of it to let you see how I quilted it. This is on my island and taken a little closer than on the wall. I had something else on the wall so couldn't use it yesterday.So just used what was handy. It's backed with a blue plaid that I used for the binding.

I haven't finished binding the Puzzle but will get a picture of it when completed. Been working on something else that can't be shown now.

At least this past week end was a little better. Hubby finally got out of the hospital and back in the Rehab. Now to start all over. This is the longest that he has had to be in the hospital. Really bad infection. But gone now and hopefully he can get back and some day get home again.

It's been a long haul but with my quilting and all my online friends and DD coming when she can, I am doing fine. Water aerobics takes up three mornings a week. Except yesterday when I got there they said someone didn't do their job Sunday evening of turning up the heat and the pool was too cold for swimming. So came back home where I found that a good friend needed a ride to the garage to pick up her truck. So tried to do a good deed and had a nice long talk with her and made a date to have lunch on Wednesday after I get my hair done.

So , thank you for stopping by .

Oh, forgot about this photo. I have the wall empty so figured I'd get another one. On the drap wall it really doesn't show up so well.


Orcsmom said...

Your Schnibble turned out adorable! Glad to hear hubby is doing better. Hang in there!!



Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

I believe that quilt is a beautiful finish! So happy that DH is in Rehab. now and working towards a better day.


Beth said...

This turned out SO pretty! I'm always lured in by yellow and blue. I may have to do some stash diving and see if I have enough to do a blue and yellow of my own. Nice to hear that your DH is coming along.

julieQ said...

I am really into blue and yellow these days, and your schnibbles quilt is so cute! Good therapy for me while dear husband has been sick...hope he is all better soon.

Mrs Quilty said...

So beautiful! The blues and yellows are always gorgeous. I'm glad your hubby is back and doing better! Also glad to hear you exercise and take care of yourself!! Very important! Have a happy day!

Sharon said...

Really like your blue and yellow quilt. Always planned to make a blue and yellow the combination is great.

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quiltmom anna said...

HI Eileen,
The top is really lovely- I love yellow and blue together - they are the colors of my Swedish ancestors. I think they look so bright and fresh together.

Glad to hear that your husband has responded so nicely to the antibiotic and is working towards coming home again.

It seems impossible that it is Thursday already. Hope you have had a good week, that George continues to improve and the weather is cooperative.
Warmest regards,

pajudie said...

Love your quilt - and the colors are awesome!! Hope your hubby is feeling better - mine is taking PT twice a week but still has lots of back pain. I wonder if it will ever end. Take care -