Friday, July 17, 2009


No this was the other night. The sky was so red and I had to take another sunset picture. This is looking west off my porch. This morning I ventured up the super highway to Chambersburg, Pa. to a quilt show put on every other year by Chambersburg Quilt Guild. How did I find out about this show? Well a certain Nancy commented on my blog that we were neighbors, so of course I had to find out where she lived and she wanted to meet me. Then told me about the quilt show coming up and hoped I could get up. Sure since Hubby isn't home I'd try. In fact I had tried to go last Friday with my daughter but decided to check the website and get the address and oops the dates were July 17-18. So I asked my neighbor Patty if she would like to go. It had been several years since I had been up that way. She does not quilt but likes them but is a crafter of all kinds. So we set out about 8 this morning.
After missing the RT 30 off ramp I took the next exit and followed my nose as I knew going west you would hit Rt. 11 and that was main street and the Church where it was held was just a block off the square. We found it and a parking space and ---

This was the first thing we saw. Isn't this a peaceful looking stream for being in the middle of a fairly large city? The Church was beside it no chance for a picture.
We really went in a back door but found it. This is Nancy and I in front of her Wonky House quilt. Yep. Bonnie had been there this past year and had this class. Also another one called Scrappy Pineapple. There were several who had finished those quilts. Nancy is known at the Patchwork Penguin which I'm sure some of you have visited. If not go visit and see her Hexagon- Flower garden quilt she has in progress. She is doing it the English style. Was working on it in one of the rooms. This was just one of those quilts so cute I had to take a picture. I didn't get the name. Of course I had to take a picture of the Sunbonnet quilt, but this one was machine quilted. This was the best one we thought. I took several pictures of it. The technique is something. Paper Pieced triangles twisted. She calls it Butterflies and twisted log cabin. Her colors are all perfect. We both voted for this as Viewers choice large quilt.Here is a closeup of some of the blocks. Maybe if you click on it you can see it better. See the shading in the fabrics. Here's another one. See what I mean of the many shots. There is another of the border.
Now if I knew how to do it I could have written on the side but--
This is the border fabric and I'm sure this is where she got her colors. They are butterflies and she has outlined them in with hand quilting. and also in the main quilt light areas she has some butterflies . Just a gorgeous quilt. This as you see should have been turned but-- It was also a added quilt from the last show because of a drop-out. Won viewers Choice. I know all about the Baltimore album quilts and I have one started. and many of these blocks made but--. This of course was all hand quilted. This is her border which goes all around. Those tiny berries are about 1/2 in. All hand appliqued. So this is the end of my quilt show. It was a very good day and then on the way home it started to rain a nice steady rain. We needed it so bad. But by the time I went to the home it had stopped and some blue sky was seen and the sun came through for a bit. They said we were to get more.
The only thing bad about the show was only one vendor, the local shop. Nancy had said other years the vendors had been very disappointed in the business so they didn't even try this year. They did have a long table of items for sale including some scraps of fabric, patterns lots of hand mad items and of course a Raffle Quilt. All appliqued.
Then also they had 5 huge laundry baskets full to over flowing plus a bag full of books for each basket. These were being raffled also, and I expect to get a phone call tomorrow afternoon that I won one of them. After all I bought a whole yard of tickets for $5. This was a good money maker for the guild. They did not charge to get in. The items were all donated from companies such as Hobbs, Gutermann, Quilter's Dream,P&B Textiles. for a few. They are raffling each basket with the bag of books. One ticket was $1 like most of these things are. Will be worth another drive to Chambersburg if Patty or I win one.
Just a word about Hubby, He is doing good and has hopes of coming home on the 28Th. So will see if he keeps it up. Maybe my free days will soon be over. I really would rather be with my daughter right now as she set sail on a Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas for seven days., this evening.
It was a fun morning and then took an hours nap this afternoon. Thanks for stopping by.


Mrs Quilty said...

What a wonderful place to meet a blogger friend! So fun after reading each other's blogs for awhile! Those quilts are amazing, especially that butterfly, log cabin creation. Some people are so clever. So glad you got to enjoy that quilt show and meet your friend!!

Lindah said...

Beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing them. Sounds like you had a fun day. Good for you!

Nancy said...

Glad you had a good time.... I'll pass the praises on to Joyce about her Twisted Log Cabin.

Quilty Hugs!!


Becky said...

Such beautiful quilts!! Thanks for sharing them. I'm up in your neck of the woods this week....Deep Creek Lake....the weather (except for yesterday) was fabulous. The rain is needed so badly we didn't mind a bit. I even talked hubby into taking me for a drive to Grantsville to eat at Casselman's and of course a trip across the street to Four Seasons Quilt shop!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eileen, Thanks for telling me where to find the pattern at Quiltville for Double Delights. Also, thank you very, very much for the tip on the control +. I tried it and it works great! Have a good weekend. Nancy in WI

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Eileen, I had a wonderful time going to the quilt show with you. Thanks a bunch for inviting me! I really do appreciate it. I actually learned a little more about quilts while being with you on this trip. I'll probably have to start learning how to make them now...I have you to help me...he! he! he!

I was glad that you were able to meet your friend there, too. Everyone is so nice! I'll have to share the basket I won with you. I know there is going to be quite a bit of items that I won't use or at least not anytime soon. Thanks again!

Tish's Stitches/Patty - Don't forget to check out my blog post...make sure I didn't comment on something wrong.

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