Sunday, January 4, 2009

Something OLd in the New Year

Here is a quilt top that I found in the basement among my daughters things, She has a habit of latching onto something that she really liked. It is completely hand done. even the borders and sashing is hand stitched For 30's lovers it is the ultimate. In the closeups below you can see the stitching, Each petal has been buttonhole stitched by hand in the color matching the petal.
--------- This would be neat to get quilted,by hand of course and maybe someday she may get it done. I used to buy this type of thing and sell it. Unless she happened to see something she wanted to keep.
Here's a diferent one in a better closeup.
Ah, I managed to get these pictures in myself. Have been pretty busy this past week with taking hubby to see the eye surgeon for cataract surgery a week from tomorrow. This will be his second so he knows what to expect. The sight in this eye has gotten bad so it really needs to be done.
I;m doing pretty good on my laptop I think. Now have canceled my MSN2 service and am getting rid of my second user as it's too complected. My Big Bro. said it would be. He uses Vista also .But I have had lots of help both online and with a couple friends here. I really love my Laptop. Love to have you visit. Now tomorrow or the next I'm going to have an update on the Boonsboro Hotel. Have some good pictures and talked to one of the workers and got some good tales. So come back soon.


Becky said...

That top is beautiful! I love 30's fabrics and have a throw size in the UFO pile (which I am going to be whittling down this year). Hope your hubby's surgery goes well. Can't wait to hear about the Boonsboro.

quiltmom anna said...

I love the 30's quilt top- I can see why your daughter would love it too- Usually I am not keen about 30's fabrics as they are too pastel for me but this one is so bright and cheery- Someone put in a lot of beautiful work to complete it.

The lap top is great- I rarely use the big machine at home any more- Bruce mistakenly took the wrong power cord to the laptop with him to Yellowknife so I am trying to use the big computer- I am having some problems with it so I have posted and now going to leave this machine and go use the sewing machine.
Hope all goes well with your husband's surgery.

antique quilter said...

good luck to you and your DH on his surgery.
I LOVE this quilt , I love yellow and 30's fabrics well can't get enough of them
when the winter starts to get to me in Feb you will see me making a 30's quilt of some sort!
need the happy fabrics.
Happy new year.

Amy said...

very nice, someone took some time do everything by hand.. what a gem. have a great day,

Ila K. said...

Very pretty top!

Looking forward to the update on the Hotel.

Kim said...

Ha! Good job posting and getting all the photos loaded, Eileen! You're a whiz at that laptop--or getting there, anyway! What a neat quilt!

Anonymous said...

Your DD has good taste. I don't like 30's fabrics, but this one sure catches my eye. Maybe it's the cheerful yellow. Hope DH does well with his eye surgery. I also have a cateract that needs taken off sometime soon. You are doing great on the laptop. You go girl!

Linda Z

Sara said...

That top is absolutely beautiful! I love it, and love the colors of it! Hope everything goes well with Hubby's surery!