Thursday, December 24, 2009


TO one and all and just had to show you some more snow pictures. This is the mailbox and paper box and if you click on it I'm sure you can see how tall the snow is on top
This is the path I had to shovel out to the mailbox. The road is completely covered with Snow but during the night the plows were in and did a great job of opening it so the Sun could melt the rest and we had blacktop and could get out. I was in for two days but Monday morning was able to get out to take Hubby his eggs and go on in to Hagerstown to get my PT. It is really helping me to do things the way I should have been doing for years, Mainly to stoop not lean over to get something. Great exercises that make my back feel better. Stretches the muscles out. Still have one more next week. Just had to show what my good friend Kim had sent me for Christmas. She has talked about making those almonds. Sorry I put them in a can to keep crisp. Then the little fabric pockets that she made her students with little goodies inside. The cutest angel cookie cutter. Then from her searching on the FQ place a Schnibbles pattern called Dulcinea which calls for two charm packs and these she choose Moda Notebook all springy yellows and blues. She knows I like blue. Then the backing she choose this blue large check and a bit of white for the piecing. But I can't start this without getting a big project out of the way.
Yes, I'm working on Bonnie Hunter's Carolina Christmas Mystery. Love Mysteries. I am using Thimbleberries and instead of the green that she is using. I'm using blue. Have lots of them with the lights . The gold is almost a tan but works well. Now here is a picture of what I have done so far on the wall. The only center blocks are sewn together. I love the way the blue ones come together and make some secondary designs. So I think I want to use the Poinsettia blocks around the outside. Have the one set as Bonnie has it in the middle. Hopefully I have enough of the blocks to go around. I still need to complete those Poinsettia blocks. This is sideways, Couldn't get it turned but you can see I hope. I want your
input on whether I should put a light narrow border around to separate the two different blocks. The is the Poinsettia blocks around the outside and the blue inside blocks. Doubt if I make the pieced border that Bonnie made. I think a printed larger border will help set off the quilt.
Since I will be here alone this evening I want to get the Poinsettia blocks all sewn together and see if I do have enough. Course all those blocks need to be sewn also. Plenty of time for that. They Are calling for freezing rain in the morning so I may be here then also.
Hubby really has a terrible deep cough so he is in the right place. Has a series of antibiotic shots for ten days so I know he will be there for awhile longer. Will once again have to get that strenght back.
Happy Holidays to all


kclily said...

It makes me tired just thinking about shoveling that snow. Beautiful quilt you are making. Merry Christmas.

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

I am impressed with you and that you were able to shovel the snow to the mailbox. Beautiful pictures. Christmas Eve is upon you in your time zone, and I wish you a peaceful nights rest along with quilting to your hearts content. Kim's gifts are thoughtful and caring - like her.

Merry Christmas Love!

julieQ said...

Wow, what a lot of snow!! We got about 2 inches, which makes it a very pretty somewhat white Christmas for us. I am thinking of setting my blocks like that too, with the green ones in the middle and the poinsetta blocks on the outside. I have all the blocks done. Hopefully I can put it together soon. I sincerely wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Kim said...

I think it would look nice with a sashing between the two types of blocks, but I think you'd need to go with a wide one so the outside blocks would fit correctly (I'm guessing 4" finished but I don't know the size if the blocks for certain). Still I think you can do that and then an even wider plain border to finish. Color? I think I'd use red for that sashing but I'm not sure. It might depend on what you're thinking about for the final border. Of course, maybe your DD will have some input too--she has a good eye! Merry Christmas!

Jan said...

Merry Christmas to you, too and a Happy New Year. We were at Anne's and Paul's in Austin for Christmas and Stan and Judi were there----it was nice to see them!!!! Your quilt is looking great! I'm sure whatever you decide will be wonderful---you do such a nice job!

Beth said...

Oh Eileen! Your Mystery is LOVELY! I'm still bogged down on Clue 2. I had some last minute projects for Christmas. Now I am waiting for an online class to start and walking around a customer quilt trying to decide what to quilt on it. I think I can manage to fit in a bit of piecing! My colors are BRIGHT! You may need sunglasses to see it! Merry Christmas!